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Get Night Calf Muscle Cramps? Try These...

Sometimes, while dreaming in my sleep, I suddenly feel a bad pain in my leg. It is the night leg cramp that takes place in my calf muscles. Getting night calf muscle cramp is nothing uncommon. While sleeping, the leg muscles can stretch or cramp. This not only disturbs your sleep but is a painful affair to deal with at that moment. If you get calf muscle cramp at night, try these ways to relax your muscles and cure the leg pain.

How to cure night calf muscle pain:

Shake your calf: One of the immediate ways to cure calf cramp is by shaking the calf in speed. Use both your hands to shake the calf muscles. The cramp reduces by shaking the muscles instantly. Shake till the pain reduces and then leave. Massage with oil or gently massage with your fingertips to get relief and cure the calf muscle pain within minutes. You can also exercise a little to relax your leg muscles.

Check your sleeping posture: To prevent leg cramps especially in the calf muscles, see your sleeping posture. You cannot look at your posture in deep slumber but you can change your sleeping posture. For example, if you sleep upside down, keep a pillow beneath the calf muscle to prevent getting a cramp at night. Avoid covering yourself tightly while sleeping. This increases the chances of getting calf muscle cramps at night.

Avoid stretching your legs: While going to bed, try to hang your feet or leg (till knee level) outside the bed so that the muscles do not stretch in while you sleep. Instead of stretching your legs, do some aerobic exercises to relax your muscles. It also prevents calf muscle cramps.

Check your fluid intake: If you want to cure an existing calf muscle cramp that you got last night, observe what you are drinking. Excessive intake of caffeine or alcohol can reduce water content in body thus leading to dehydration. Dehydration is one of the causes of calf cramps. So, drink lots of water and increase the intake of dairy products in your diet. Have bananas to cure leg cramp naturally. They are rich in potassium, so they strengthen your body muscles.

If you get night calf muscle cramp, try the immediate shaking exercise to cure it and to avoid such leg cramps in future, eat and sleep in a proper way! If you have faced midnight calf cramp, tell us how you cured it instantly.

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Story first published: Friday, April 20, 2012, 17:46 [IST]
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