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Your Brain Needs Exercise Too

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Brain Exercises
Looks like the saying 'Empty mind is a Devil's workshop' was not merely for metaphorical purposes. Any part of the body that remains unused becomes redundant and it the same for your brain too. Now wait, you would say that your brain can never be unused because you cannot do anything without using your brain. However, your bodily functions especially movements like walking or even doing a regular job is unconscious use of the brain. Your brain needs exercises where you use it consciously. Lets face it, we all lose the edge with age. But, a regular brain workout will help you maintain your mental faculties properly.

5 Basic Brain Exercises For You:

1. Memory Game: I know many people fear that they will suffer from Alzheimer when they get old. Memory is one of the most important brain faculties that we lose with age. That is why, it is important to tease your memory once in a while. Try to recall the names of all your school classmates to test your memory. You could do this exercise when you have idle time like when you are traveling or taking a coffee break.

2. Logically Right: Logic is something that makes us human and thus, your brain workout must include some use of logic. Most often we use logic unconsciously, but while doing brain exercises, you must use it consciously. Indulging in a bit off office politics might do you good. For apolitical beings, play algorithmic games to sharpen your logical reasoning.

3. Attention Span: Do you remember the kind of attention you used to pay in your favourite school teachers class? Is your attention at workplace the same? It can't be. Just like memory does not increase with age, not does attention. We become more restless as we age. To improve your attention, you can try a painful exercise. Try listening to the most talkative colleague even if he or she talks rubbish. Subjecting yourself to this verbal diarrhea will help you concentrate better!

4. Puzzled: It might sound a notch childish but, solving picture puzzles is the best way keep your visual-spatial skills functional. But if it is really beneath your 'adult dignity', then you should try another exercise. One day take a mental note of all the shops you pass by on your way home from office. Come home and recreate the list in exact order. This will also improve your memory.

5. Linguistic Skills: Brain exercises are not just about cognitive abilities. Language occupies a very important space in your mind because it is unique to us. Many linguists have said that we learn language by instinct. The best way to stimulate your linguistic skills is to learn a new language. You can also play language games like Spellathon or crossword in your brain workout.

Try these brain exercises to get smarter as you age. These exercises will enhance your memory and keep you active!

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Story first published: Thursday, June 7, 2012, 12:00 [IST]
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