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Myths To Break On Blood Donation Day!

Most of us do not know the real facts about blood donation. We base our assumptions on some personal attitudes and preconceived notions. As today is World Blood Donation Day; it is an appropriate occasion to come out of the myths we have built around blood donation. Blood donation day is appointed by WHO (World Health Organisation) to encourage people to donate blood.

So many patients who are suffering from terminal illnesses like hemophilia, thalassemia, leukemia etc. need regular blood transfusion to stay alive. Blood Donation Day is your chance to help them. But, first lets break down some myths.

Myths Versus Facts About Blood Donation:

Myth 1: Blood donation makes you weak.

Fact: If you are a normal healthy individual who can do all the daily activities like walking, going to office, bathing, cooking etc. then donating blood will not make you weak.

Myth 2: You need to rest for a long time after donating blood.

Fact: If you are in proper health condition, i.e. you do not have low blood pressure or anemia, then you need not rest for more than half an hour. In fact you can go back to work straight away after doing your duty on blood donation day.

Myth 3: Blood donation hurts like hell! Have you seen the needles!

Fact: It hurts just as much as it hurts to give blood for a blood test. It is just the needle pricking and coming out that hurts. There might be a bit of soreness as the needle will be lodged in your arm for a while. But, it shouldn't last for more than a day.

Myth 4: Blood donation camps are breeding grounds for HIV.

Fact: That is total misnomer. The organisation holding the blood donation camp would obviously use fresh needles. If you are scared, you can buy your own needle and have it sterilized.

Myth 5: The blood that is donated is 'lost' from the body. In other words, you will be short of blood if you donate it!

Fact: This is a ridiculous and an uneducated belief. The body starts producing blood instantly. so it does not take more than a few hours to replace the amount of blood donated by you. As far as iron is concerned, you can easily regain all the iron with a healthy diet. So, there is going to be no shortage of blood for you.

Myth 6: Sports persons should not donate blood because it will affect their performance.

Fact: This is another misnomer. People who play sports have much higher level of fitness than normal people. They also eat much healthier by virtue of their profession. So, there is no reason for them to fear blood donation.

Myth 7: Women should not donate blood because they have less blood.

Fact: It is a fact that women have lower hemoglobin levels than men. But, if you have the normal amount of hemoglobin that women are supposed to have, then you are totally healthy and free to donate blood.

After breaking these myths, would you be ready to donate blood on Blood Donation day?

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Story first published: Thursday, June 14, 2012, 16:33 [IST]
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