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Awareness is the state of being conscious or alert. Spiritual awareness translates into being conscious and aware of all that happens both within and without. Spiritual awareness or what is termed as consciousness is the ultimate end in spirituality that one endeavours. In short it is termed as Self realisation.
World Population Day 2019: Current Theme, History And Significance
World Population Day is celebrated on 11 July with the mission of spreading awareness about the growing population and its adverse effects on the environment. It also emphasises the significance of reproductive health and how it affects the overall population growth. ...
World Population Day Theme History And Significance
8 Benign Breast Conditions That Are Not Cancer
October is the Breast Cancer Awareness Month; it is a worldwide annual campaign which involves thousands of organisations that emphasize the importance of breast awareness education and raises funds for breast cancer research. In this article, we will be writing about ...
When Traffic Police Became Yamraj To Warn The Motorists
We all are so adamant about being independent and rebellious that we do not like to follow the rules that are set for our safety. Riding a bike without a helmet or driving recklessly or not even wearing your seat belt ...
Viral News India Do Not Break Traffic Rules Yamaraj Warns You
Simple Guide To Understand The Cancer Facts:
Cancer is a group of diseases involving abnormal cell growth with the potential to invade or spread to the other parts of the body. Not all cell growths are cancerous in nature. The need of cancer awareness in the population is ...
Myths To Break On Blood Donation Day!
Most of us do not know the real facts about blood donation. We base our assumptions on some personal attitudes and preconceived notions. As today is World Blood Donation Day; it is an appropriate occasion to come out of the myths ...
Blood Donation Day Facts
Meditation Tips : Is Meditation The Same As Trance?
Meditation is the key to the treasury of a bliss begotten state, which is within ourselves. However many are the pitfalls, while pursuing it. Many are the states in meditation that leads one to assume that he is heading in the ...
Guilt Creates Energy Blocks
Guilt is nothing but your past decisions and actions being reviewed with your updated intelligence. For example, if you had a fight with a friend in school. And many years later, is it right to review that incident and feel guilty? ...
Guilt Feeling Spiritual Awareness
Destroy those envying roots
The enlightened master, Buddha says, ‘Destroy those envying roots and enjoy lasting peace.’ Just be fully aware when the feeling of jealousy arises. And you will be surprised, it simply disappears. Jealousy cannot be overcome either by escaping from it or ...
Do you bathe when you bathe?
Everyday early in the morning, a Zen Master asked his disciples: “How many of you have bathed this morning?” Almost all the disciples raise their hands dutifully. Next question: How many of you are aware you bathed when you did?Not a ...
Inner Awareness Complete
'Awareness', The All Knowing
Awareness asserts authenticity. A short story, an episode from the Ramayana reveals the truth.The great saint Ramadas was once reciting the story of Ramayana. The manner in which he retold the great epic was enchanting, that it kept the listeners ...
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