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Awareness is the state of being conscious or alert. Spiritual awareness translates into being conscious and aware of all that happens both within and without. Spiritual awareness or what is termed as consciousness is the ultimate end in spirituality that one endeavours. In short it is termed as Self realisation.
Make all pain disappear!
Pick anyone around us at random. Ask them how they feel. They will immediately report some pain or another. Doctors say that more than 70% of people suffer from lower back pain. This when they do not complain about headaches, stomach ...
Spiritual Awareness Physical Pain Mental
Awareness In Pain Brings You Bliss
Pain-whether physical, mental or emotional — has only a negative existence, like darkness. Darkness exists only in the absence of light. As such, it has no positive existence of its own. In the same way, pain exists only in the absence ...
The Pain Of Transformation (Part II)
Pain can become a very creative energy. It can become a remembrance of God. It can become prayer. It can become meditation. It can become awareness. It can cause tremendous transformation in you. An important secret of life that you need ...
Pain Life Transformation Awareness
Live Every Moment In Total Awareness
Everyone of us has intelligence. It is an inherent, inborn quality of life. Intelligence is not something to attain; every living being is endowed with intelligence. Most of us have lost touch with our natural intelligence; that is why we are ...
The Pundit And The Fakir
Mere intellectual uploading reaches not to the state of true experience! A short Sufi story reveals the truth. There was once a Fakir who was a ferryman. Once a pundit approached him to be ferried across to the other shore. The ...
Awareness Short Story Osho Deathlessness
Everything Becomes A Blessing With Awareness!
With awareness, anything becomes a blessing, including illness. Have you ever been joyful when you were sick? You can be if you become aware. There is no need to worry about sickness. Even sickness is a part of the flow of ...
Right Action Through Awareness
There was a student who wanted to learn martial arts. He approached a teacher and asked, ‘I wish to study martial arts. How long will it take me to master the art?’The teacher replied, ‘Ten years.’The student became very sad and ...
Spiritual Awareness Right Action
There Is No Need To Worry !
First of all, there is no need to worry. Life itself holds all the solutions. It is a beautiful self-sustaining mechanism. We just need to allow it to function in its natural way. Then we will awaken to its higher intelligence ...
Undo Worries With Awareness
There is a small story about Buddha and his disciples:One day Buddha arrived for his usual morning discourse with his disciples. He had a knotted handkerchief in his hand. He showed the handkerchief to the disciples and asked if any of ...
Worries Awareness Buddhist Story
Dissolve Worries In Deep Awareness!
What is the solution for the distorted software of the mind?Deep awareness is the solution. Deep awareness is like a benign virus, if such a thing exists! Once awareness enters your system, the more you work with the mind, the more ...
The Awakening
To awaken is to become conscious. A short story reveals the truth.An emperor was filled with grief over his only son who was dying. The doctors had predicted that he would not last long and would die any moment. The ...
Consciousness True Nature Awareness Story
Simple Spiritual Steps To De-stress
The modern days have brought with it as a part of its package, stress! Yet most of us are unable to let go off the rat race as it has become the part and parcel of our lives. Here are few ...
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