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'Awareness', The All Knowing

Awareness asserts authenticity. A short story, an episode from the Ramayana reveals the truth.

The great saint Ramadas was once reciting the story of Ramayana. The manner in which he retold the great epic was enchanting, that it kept the listeners spell bound.

As per the belief , that Shri Hanuman, the Monkey God visits the place where the Ramayana was retold, He was also present in disguise, listening to the story of His Lord.

Saint Ramadas was describing about the Ashokvan, the beautiful garden of Ravana, where he held the abducted Sita. He said that the garden boasted immaculate white blooms. Hearing this Lord Hanuman, who was the eye witness of the garden where he met Sita, was shocked. There were red flowers in the garden, and here was Ramadas distorting the fact that they were white in colour.

Hanuman immediately sprang onto his feet and said, “The flowers were not immaculately white in colour, but were deep red!"

Ramadas asserted, “No, I am sure they were white in colour. But who are you?"

Hanuman replied, “I am Hanuman!"

Ramadas still maintained, “May be you are but that is not going to make a difference. The flowers were white!"

Anger arose in Hanuman, “Why don't you understand that I happened to be there to meet Mother Sita and you are only retelling the tale which happened five thousand years ago!"

Ramadas however did not give in. Hence Hanuman carried Ramadas on his shoulders and flew to the abode of Rama.

The monkey God related their argument to Rama.

Lord Rama said, “The flowers were white in colour. Though Ramadas is retelling the story that is five thousand years old, he is actually seeing it when he is narrating. He enters into eternity and goes beyond time"

Rama continued, “You were very angry when you visited the Ashokavan. The wrath in you is what made the white coloured flowers appear red!"

Hanuman however was far from accepting the truth. He carried the issue to Sita for authentication.

Sita replied, “Ramadas is right. The flowers were white in colour. It was your anger which presented them as red to you. You were totally into the issue which caused you not to see the truth whereas Ramadas stood apart from it and witnessed it as pure awareness. Nothing escapes unalloyed awareness!"

Osho says, that when one becomes a part of the action, he is busy involved in it where he misses out the truth. The perception of the whole is missed out when he is lost in the action while thousands of other things are happening around. Whereas when one steps aside and watches with pure awareness, he gets a total view of all the happenings simultaneously!

When one is aware, he is all knowing!

Story first published: Wednesday, August 18, 2010, 15:08 [IST]
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