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Back Problems More Among Rural Women?

Back problem is a very common health related issue faced by women today. The reason could be various but its of a very serious concern more so in rural India.

Indian women are known for their versatility in terms of work, they can not be questioned at all. Women have outdone themselves but with all the hassles they overcome they are prone to tremendous health disorders.

Rural India suffers the most because of various factors. Their working pattern is extremely rigourous. Lack of technology, lack of education, bad working conditions, malnutrition etc. Lack of facilities, be it, with their traditional techniques such as drawing water from the wells or carrying heavy loads on their back may lead to problems in back or weakening of bones. Desperation for basic needs also call for a lot of physical strain.

Back problems with rural India is because of harsh conditions and lack of advancement. Back pain causes can get very severe. But urban India has modernized medication to prevent back disorders. But the rural Indian women are yet to know about the modernized treatments.

Back Pain Causes:

Apart from hereditary issues, unhealthy lifestyle and eating (junk) may also be the common causes for bone weakness.

Preventing Back Pain:

For Rural Women:

  1. One of the main problems in women (specially rural) is that they aren't really aware of calcium and nutrition. A brief on food supplements such as milk and green leafy vegetables will help.
  2. Uneducated women need to know that they will require more calcium during the pregnancy phase as all their calcium would be going to babies.
  3. Do not slouch or develop a hunch back while walking. Always try to walk straight with an upright position.
  4. While lifting and handling goads or heavy loads make sure you adopt the right method without straining yourself.Try to push as it exerts less pressure on your back than pulling any item.

For The Metropolitan:

  1. Adopting the right posture, straight sitting habits, no hunch backs. Be it office or your house make sure you sit and stand straight with the right posture.
  2. To avoid back problems, see to it that you don't put on weight. Adopt a healthy lifestyle with the right eating habits. Calcium deficiency gives you these health related issues so enrich you diet with calcium supplements and calcium enriched food items.
  3. Quit smoking and follow a regular exercise problem. Do a brisk walk after your meal or after your work.
  4. Malnutrition and wrong eating habits cause back problem which in turn is common with the rural India. So educate yourself about the reasons behind back aches. Educating and inculcating the right habits help you avoid such issues.
  5. Certain precautions related to your driving positions and sleeping habits must be taken care of. Your mattress should be firm and not soft. And while driving make sure there is proper support for your back, upright yet relaxed position. Your legs also properly positioned.
  6. Nutrition deficiency leads to back problems so make sure that you adopt a healthy calcium rich diet. To avoid adopt healthy living and high thinking policy.
  7. The best way to overcome these disorders is to beat the everyday stress and lead a stress free life. Which could be adopted by healthy diet and exercise regime. Avoid drinking, smoking and watch your weight to help overcome these disorders.

These precautions if adopted in your day to day life will help you beat any health issue and lead a stress free life.

5 Calcium Supplements:

Milk, yogurt,vegetables (like okra, chick peas, baked beans), nuts, fruits (figs,oranges) and cheese.

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Story first published: Tuesday, February 28, 2012, 17:58 [IST]