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You Can Stay Away From Addiction!

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When we decide to paint a picture of an alcoholic, we usually have thoughts on how to portray it. It can be from a behavioral angle, a characteristic angle, based on looks and appearance etc. Mostly, the artist in portrait will be highlighting the last angle mentioned above. Why?

May be, because the expressions and appearance, explains the alcoholic more in detail! Consumption of alcohol, coffee, tea, drugs, gambling, smoking etc are examples of addiction, which can ruin your well settled life.

Addiction can be mentioned as a turning point in the life of an individual, where they start feeling themselves as somewhat different. The underlying reason why a person gets addicted could be because of Moon’s affliction by heavier planets like Saturn, Mars or Rahu. It can also happen when any of these planets aspect the Moon from another sign. Are the planets protecting you form addictions?

Why Moon?
Moon is the planet that is related or connected with our emotions and inner state of mind. For example, if Lord Saturn is in the sign of Moon for an individual, he or she will have lot of worries, tensions. They might be fearful of the future and may self criticize.

Why Does He Behave Like A Mad Cow?
Lord Mars, placement along with Moon, would indicate an irritable and angry person. Mars is the God of War and indicates red color. Hence, it can color one’s perceptions into blood red and the native turns into a mad cow!

Desirous Rahu!
Rahu, the north node of the Moon, when in the same sign, could indicate someone who is overwhelmed by powerful desires. Rahu, being depicted as the head of an insatiable Dragon (symbolism of reptilian brain in humans) when somehow connected to Moon, makes the individual more lustful and desirous. They will always be looking ahead for the next drink or activity.

Addictions are just a symptom of one’s disease; they are not the disease itself. Rahu natives can become very successful outwardly, just like other people who have their Moon afflicted. Analyze your planetary positions now, as it can reveal a lot about your future ahead.

You are only responsible for your happiness as well as misery; hence, keep yourselves engaged in some activity or other, which will keep us happy. Realize, happiness is within us and not outside!
Identify the manner by which the good and bad planets affect your life. Identifying your planets will give you an idea about the favorable and unfavorable planets in your birth chart; moreover, in what way these indications or matters are connected with you.

In further, you will receive remedial measures to get the blessings from a particular planet which can help you to get closer to your desired goals and to help you stay away from addictions.

Story first published: Wednesday, February 29, 2012, 11:17 [IST]
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