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TheTop 5 Highly Selling Unhealthy Foods

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Unhealthy Food
With more and more fast foods and commodity stores coming up in the metros, the youth feel that eating and buying at such outlets is a matter of style. And which is why the stores have turned out to be the the top sellers. Some food stuffs that are available in these kinds are very unhealthy says a study but have still remained the highly selling commodities. Take a look to know the top selling unhealthy foods so that it can avoided for the rest of life.

The 5 Top Selling Unhealthy Foods -

1. Cheese: You may like the taste of the yummy cheese that melts on pizzas and sandwiches but what about the pounds of fat and calories that come like freebies with the slices. Even the top selling cottage cheese isn't very healthy for your heart so save your beats for something special.

2. Mayonnaise: Although the emulsified fat is the tastiest when it comes to bergers it needs to be avoided as it may turn poisonous to health. Before you plan to eat the yolk fat think about the extra kilos you need to shed.

3. Canned peas: Canned food may look attractive and save your cooking time but the peas or other vegetables that come in tins are not very healthy. These canned food will be packed months before and might have lost all the nutritional value during processing. So stick to fresh vegetables and fruits that are grown during the season.

4. Eggs: These unfertilized chicks may be yummy for your morning breakfast but is definitely a fatty food. Try not to use the extra yolk everyday as even it can contribute to a lot of fat in the body.

5. Canned Tuna Fish: The tuna fish available in cans are rated as the no.1 unhealthy food even in America. It is said that the fish in tins smell rot and tastes like dead fish. The solid white version available in stores contains mercury and which is why the EPA recommends pregnant women not to eat the canned food more than once a week.

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Story first published: Wednesday, July 13, 2011, 11:42 [IST]
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