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Half Cooked Food Is Unhealthy

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Half Cook
Half cooked? What does it actually mean? Half boiled? But here it is about being careless while cooking and that leading to improper cooking of food and consuming it. The later side effects and diseases that can be invited. Half cooked food can be half boiled vegetables that should be consumed only raw or fully boiled. There are procedures to consuming different varieties of vegetables and cereals and the way they should be cooked. If not, it may lead to various health problems.

Semi cooked foods can lead to various health problems and diseases that would also reduce the life span of the person as many researchers say half cooked foods lead to food borne diseases. Take a look at the effects of eating half boiled food.

Half Cooked Food Is Unhealthy:

1. Nutritional deficiencies: Half cooked food like Rice, Chicken, Green vegetables like Cabbage, Broccoli, Egg plant and etc can low down the calcium, vitamin D, iron, zinc, proteins and calories content in the food. Which may lead to many nutritional deficiency and affect the healthy growth of a person.

2. Food poisoning: These are very common when food is not cooked properly. Not every human have a strong digestive system. If food is not cooked properly the digestion becomes difficult and leads to food poisoning. Few vegetables and cereals like rice, spinach, rajmah, cabbages which should be cooked properly and then consumed else there are more chances of food poisoning even leading to death sometimes.

3. Food borne diseases: Food borne diseases are due to the consumption of contaminated beverage and food products even half cooked food can be a reason. Boiled food kills the worms and germs in the vegetables and other edible product but half boiled does not kill all the germs and worms which may lead to diseases like Shigella, Hepatitis, Salmonella and many other.

4. Affecting fitness: Consumption of half boiled food can lead to high burning of calories, reduces the energy and makes the person feel sick as the digestion and taste is affected that will cause nausea , weakness and loss of weight, that totally damages the fitness of the body.

So, there is a way to cook different type of vegetables and cereals. One should be careful and should know how to cook the particular thing. Not all semi boiled food are unhealthy. They all depend on the nature of the food product.

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Story first published: Monday, May 30, 2011, 11:01 [IST]
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