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What Foods Not To Eat With Alcohol?

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Food And Alcohol
Some foods you should not eat while drinking alcohol. Usually when we are on a drinking spree we also do some binge eating. Often what ever food with alcohol we eat is totally unhealthy. Whats worse is it might be totally incompatible with alcohol. So you must eat food that goes with drinks unless you want to be puking in sometime. Generally people vomit after drinking because they are eating the incorrect kind of food with alcohol.

Here are some interesting drink ideas that will tell you what food not to eat while drinking.

What Food Not To Eat While Drinking Alcohol?

1. Spicy Oily Food: Alcohol is prone to causing acidity and reflux in many people. So, if you want to keep your drinks down then don't eat a heavy oily dinner after it. Food eater after drinks should be light so that it is easier for your stomach to digest it along with balancing the alcohol. So, don't order biriyani after an evening of boozing!

2. Dairy Products: Some people are into the habit of munching on cheese slices while drinking but it is terribly misguided idea. Dairy products like cheese, butter or milk itself is again pretty tough to digest under normal conditions, especially at night when you would most likely be drinking. So to have milk products with the added influence of alcohol is a sure shot recipe for indigestion and heart burn. You should even avoid cheese rich dishes like pizza or pasta.

3. Nuts: You have probably seen all the restaurants serve peanuts and fried cashew as complimentary snacks with drinks. But just because its free, it does not mean it is the right food with alcohol. Never eat nuts as they are very unhealthy snacks with drinks. They have high cholesterol and spoil your appetite for proper meals when eaten with alcohol.

4. Salty Food: You can kiss your huge bag of potato chips good bye. It is not at all a good drink idea to eat salty food like chips, other salty snacks like gathiya because they make you thirsty. So more often you will end up drinking more to quench your thirst but it only dehydrates your body further.

5. Sweets: Chocolate as you know accentuates the sense of intoxication caused by the alcohol. Sweets in general are not good foods to go with drinks because it gets you more drunk and out of self control than you should be. Bad hangover idea.

6. Soda or Aerated Drinks: Never mix your drinks with soda or other aerated energy drinks. Alcohol causes dehydration and these drinks aggravate it because they too do the same. Try to mix drinks with natural fruit juices or just plain water or ice.

Here are some good health tips to ensure you consume alcohol in the right way. If you avoid these foods not to eat with drinks then your occasional drinking will not be a health problem or a spectacle either.

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Story first published: Monday, September 19, 2011, 12:29 [IST]
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