Food To Increase Stamina Naturally!

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Food Increase Stamina
Lack of exercise and unhealthy lifestyle can decrease your stamina. This is why, most of the youngsters are also becoming less active these days. Mental stress and too much of pressure can spoil your health and make you feel lousy and inactive. Instead of taking active pills, go natural with food! By having the right food, you can increase your body stamina and stay active whole day.

Food to increase stamina naturally:

Oatmeal: This one of the most energetic food to start your day. A healthy oatmeal breakfast can keep you active fro hours. The unprocessed and complex carbohydrates in oatmeals slower the digestion process. This helps keep the blood sugar levels optimal therefore storing your energy level for a longer time.

Banana: 2-3 bananas in the morning with a glass of milk can keep you active for 8 hours! Several diets advice dieters to have bananas in the morning to stay energetic. Include bananas in your menu to increase your stamina naturally. This is because bananas are rich in sugar therefore increasing your body glucose levels. Have raw bananas with a glass of milk to stay energetic for hours.

Nuts: Nuts contains healthy fat, fiber, calories, proteins and vitamins. Munching few nuts can boost up your body stamina and keep you active. Have some almonds, peanuts or walnuts as a tasty, filling and healthy snack. Carry some nuts with you and have them when you are hungry. Include 1 oz of almonds in your food list to increase stamina naturally. You can also have nuts with yogurt or cheese as a delicious treat!

Beetroot: These are red root vegetable, an energetic food which is rich in vitamins A and C. You can have beetroot either raw or as juice. If you workout and feel tired after few minutes of exercise, have a glass of beetroot juice 30 minutes before working out. This controls the blood pressure and increases stamina.

Have these 4 foods to increase the stamina naturally and stay active whole day! Avoid over eating as most of the body energy is wasted in digesting the food therefore making you lazy.

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Story first published: Monday, December 26, 2011, 13:57 [IST]
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