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Eye Exercises For Better Vision

By Suparna Chakaraborthy

Eyes are the most stressed all through out the day and with computers as the medium of working, stress on our eyes have increased. With technology bringing everything to us in a nutshell, all day long we are glued to television and computer screens. Excessive stress to our eyes may leads to red eyes, swollen eyes, weak eye sight and eye wrinkles. To prevent oneself from all the eye strain, the best option is to do some eye exercises. Eye exercises helps you to relax your eyes and de-stress you from the days toil.

Here are some eye exercises for you -

1.Rub your hands against each other and then hold the warm cup over your eyes. Your hands should cover your eyes. Cover your eyes for till 5 to 15 minutes. You are repeat it for three times. While covering your eyes with your palm, make sure no ray of light penetrates through it.

2.Cross your legs and sit in an upright position. Take a deep breath and then look right, then left, then down and up. Then look straight while exhaling. Continue the process for three times.

3.Close your eyes and then take your eye balls up, left, right and down. While moving your eyes balls try to concentrate on the sound you can hear from that end. This eye exercise not only de-stresses your eyes but also helps you concentrate better.

4.Close your eyes shut tight. Squeeze your eyes muscles and then open them after 2 minutes. This rejuvenates your eyes and also prevents you from weak eye sight.

5.Keep two objects at some distance with 2 meters distance between them. First concentrate on the one farther away for five minutes. Concentrate till the time your vision can totally ignore the object kept before it. Then close your eyes for sometime and concentrate on the object kept closer to your for five minutes. Do this in total for ten minutes.

Practice these five eye exercises for healthy eyes and good vision. Eye exercise is a great way to relax. To provide peace to your eyes, look at the greenery outside, it feels heavenly after the harsh rays of the computer screen.

Story first published: Friday, January 21, 2011, 16:26 [IST]
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