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Suparna Chakraborty

Comfy Summer Hairstyles
Summer is here and women are finding hard to manage their hair and its quality. But summer hairstyles are what women are more keen on. Even on summer how much ever hot it is they want to look good and different ...
Summer Hairstyles 060511 Aid

Perfumes – The New Trend In College
We all like to smell good and for that we try various brands. Its true that fragrance control people's emotions. Josephine, a student said “ I use Lomani and the smell of it makes me feel lively and excites my ...
Romantic Stories Of Confession Day
Finding the right person is luck, falling in love is a blessing but to confess your love is a Hercules job. Many boys and girls, with love in their eyes cannot speak it out, of the fear of denial, of shyness ...
Confession Day 190211 Aid
Indian Fashion Ruled By Daily Soaps
When I asked my nephew what she wants for her birthday, she showed me her favourite TV serial bahu and said she wants a dress like her. This got me thinking as to how Daily soap is effecting Indian fashion. Fashion ...
Google Doodle On Thomas Edison 164th Birthday
Today Google Doodle marks the 164th Birthday of Thomas Edison. On the occasion of Thomas Edison 164th Birthday the Google logo portrays some of the famous inventions of the scientist. This includes phonograph, the motion picture camera, and a ...
Google Doodle Thomas Edison 110211 Aid
Indulge While You Diet On Valentine's Day
Valentine's Day can be the most important day for all the hearts in loves but it's a curse to your diet plan. With love in the sir, you are sure to forget and ignore all the other harsh realities of life ...
Don't Smoke Up With Contraceptive Pills
Contraceptive pills for birth control is one the miracles of technology and has been very effective in making family planning effective. It are taken in case of unprotected sex by the women and this saves her from unplanned pregnancy. The big ...
Contraceptive Pills Smoking 100211 Aid
The Perfect Energy Boosting Breakfast
The trend of weight loss has engulfed into it even those who do not need to lose weight and with the trend has given rise to many myths. One of the first and the most dangerous myths about weight loss is ...
What's Causing Premature Wrinkles?
Wrinkles is the sign of ageing and is a natural process but due to many factors people are now suffering premature wrinkles. It happen due to factors and habits which we are party responsible of. Premature wrinkles are also look worse ...
Premature Wrinkle Causes 090211 Aid
Anti-Inflammatory Diet For Healthy You
Ripon Medical Centre will introduce a presentation on Anti-Inflammatory Diet by Dr. Mark S. Edinger, on 24th of February. The presentation will mainly depend on the diet and guidelines to reduce inflammation. But what is inflammation and when does it become ...
Dark Chocolate Now The Super Food
Are you tired of fruit diet? Then start eating dark chocolate for better health benefits. That is what the recent study claims. According to a recent study, dark chocolate has more health benefits than fruit juice. It is thus termed ...
Dark Chocolate Super Food Health 080211 Aid
Your Smartphone Can Cause Early Wrinkles
Wrinkles in late twenties? It's because of your Smartphone. Cosmetic surgeons have confirmed that Smartphones cause early wrinkles. Excessive use of Smartphone for chatting, surfing, working etc can cause early wrinkles. The process is simultaneous but is proved. Wrinkle which is ...
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