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Indian Fashion Ruled By Daily Soaps

By Suparna Chakaraborthy

When I asked my nephew what she wants for her birthday, she showed me her favourite TV serial bahu and said she wants a dress like her. This got me thinking as to how Daily soap is effecting Indian fashion. Fashion is a changing phenomenon but what brings on the change? Two major contributors to changing fashion are serials and movies. If movies create the ideal world for the viewers, serials have become a reflection of daily life of the family. These two mediums affect the lifestyle as well as introduce fashion into the society.

With stories which cater to Indian household, serials have become an integral part of life of several women and with hundreds of serials on air, the affect of it on the society is immense. With such a huge approach to the common mass, one cannot deny the affect of the serials on the fashion sense of the society.

Affect of daily soaps on Indian Fashion -

1.Redefining Indian Tradition – The serials have brought back the Indian fashion sense into the regular household. There was a time when westernisation had a great effect on Indian fashion but with serials it seems that Indian fashion has come back. With all the designer sarees, elaborate sindur, eye makeup and traditional hairstyle, they have lured the Indian fashion industry. Tulsi saree had become and still is one of the favourites among woman till date. The sequence work, the glittery Gujarati saree and delicate bindi, have made them a fashion statement.

2.Subtle denial of western fashion – The serials have restricted western fashion to the youngsters of the family or the costume of the vamp. In a nutshell, the simple Indian fashion is for the good and the western fashion is for vamp. This has got many teenagers and college going students take up the traditional salwar kameez as a regular wear. With the availability in the market, it has become all the more easy for the regular crowd to follow the fashion.

3.Cultural Misleading – Gujarati family wear glittery dresses, Bengali always stick to red and white with enormous red sindur and bindi etc have a misleading effect and infact as people are following daily soap fashion, it in some way is also affecting the traditional fashion sense of people who are looking forward to following it.

4.Loud Jewellery – Loud jewellery are back in trend, thanks to the affect of daily soap on the Indian fashion. Elaborate jewellery with intricate work and stone setting is what everyone has to offer.

Daily soaps are ruling the Indian fashion sense and fashion industry. It is not only affecting Indians in India but also Indians abroad and also the western crowd. Infact Indian jewellery and bright clothing has gained immense popularity in Germany.

Story first published: Wednesday, February 16, 2011, 16:13 [IST]