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    Should You Eat Fruits At Night

    Right Time to Eat Fruits | फल खाने का सही समय | Boldsky

    What do you do when hunger strikes before going to bed? Do you grab a fruit or do you snack on some chocolates? Well, it might be tough to stop the hunger and fall asleep without nibbling onto something.

    Reaching out for a favourite fruit is a better choice than downing a cheeseburger or an ice-cream. But ensure that you keep a small serving size to avoid a night-time sugar rush and a calorie overload.

    Satisfying your sweet tooth before bedtime with a chunk of sweet melon or a strawberry is good. But don't indulge in late-night sugary snacks.

    should you eat fruits at night

    Eating Fruits Before Bed

    If you are really craving a snack before bedtime, fruit is a good choice. Fruits are packed with vitamins, minerals, phytochemicals and fibre. Grabbing a piece of fresh fruit is a much more nutritious alternative than going in for unhealthy added sugars and fatty foods.

    should you eat fruits at night

    What Fruit To Eat Before Bed?

    If hunger pangs start hitting you before bedtime, these are some of the fruits that you could have: bananas, apples, pears and other fibre-rich fruits.

    But according to ayurveda, there should be a gap between proper meals and fruits. It is because both have different effects on the digestive system. Fruits get easily digested and are pushed from the stomach to the intestine much before.

    Meals which are rich in protein and fibre require much more time to digest. So, it is advisable that you eat fruits early in the evening. Some nutritionists have advised to avoid having anything right before bedtime. Because it can interfere with your sleep. And eating it right before going to sleep can release a lot of sugar, causing a spike in energy.

    should you eat fruits at night

    Will Fruits Cause Weight Gain?

    Most of the fruits are low in calories, so it's no point that you will gain weight easily. Eating a bowl of ice cream with fruits will make you gain weight. After dinner, you can consume one banana before bed.
    But make sure that there is a gap between your sleep time and the meal. But don't consume banana every day, as it might make you gain weight.

    should you eat fruits at night

    Do Fruits Cause Digestive Problems?

    If you already have a digestion-related problem bothering you like irritable bowel syndrome, eating fruits may be a problematic thing for you. Consuming fruits before bed will cause an upset stomach and disrupt your sleep, leaving you feeling fatigued.

    Fruits having a high acid content such as pineapples and oranges are often problematic for the people who suffer with acid reflux. And they should be avoided.

    If you are a diabetic person, snacking on fruits will be a problem, as the natural sugars in fruits will raise the blood sugar levels. So, speak to your doctor or a nutritionist to know which of the fruits are the ones that you could have.

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