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10 Reasons Why You Should Be Having Turmeric As A Part Of Your Daily Diet

Daily Diet में हल्दी को शामिल करने से होंगे चौंकाने वाले फायदे | Turmeric Benefits | Boldsky

Turmeric is one of the main spices used in almost all of the Indian dishes. It is touted as being the most powerful herb on the planet, which helps fight diseases. The benefits of turmeric are vast and so, here we will be discussing on why you should be having turmeric every day.

There are multiple chemical compounds found in turmeric, which are known as curcuminoids. The active compound present in turmeric is called curcumin and this is what makes it a powerful spice.

Curcumin has strong anti-inflammatory effects and antioxidants that can treat a variety of conditions such as menstrual problems, jaundice, haemorrhage, blood in the urine, toothaches, bruises, chest pain, etc.

Turmeric has a warm, bitter taste and is used to give flavour and colour to the dishes. The root of the turmeric is used for medicinal purposes and also for the treatment of arthritis, joint pain, heartburn, stomach pain, Crohn's disease, loss of appetite, jaundice and other liver-related problems.

So, let's have a look at why you should be having turmeric as a part of your daily diet.

1. Helps In Digestion

Turmeric works wonders for your digestive system because it stimulates the gallbladder which then releases the bile. This bile helps in breaking down the food you eat all the while helping your bodies absorb fats and certain nutrients. Turmeric is also considered an excellent gas reliever. Recent studies have shown that turmeric aids in calming the digestive system, which in turn relieves gas.

2. Turmeric is Anti-Inflammatory

Turmeric is a great ingredient which contains anti-inflammatory properties. A noted study has shown that most of the people are affected by inflammatory bowel disease. So, turmeric which has a compound called curcumin is found to be beneficial in treating inflammatory bowel disease. It has powerful anti-inflammatory properties that can help treat this condition.

3. Improves Liver Function

The liver is a very important organ of our body. It stores the extra nutrients, helps get rid of toxic substances, stores blood glucose and produces good cholesterol. The powerful compound present in turmeric plays an active role here due to its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. These help improve the function of the liver and have been shown to prevent liver damage.

4. Natural Antiseptic

Wounds are of many types such as small open wounds, closed wounds and open-bleeding wounds. If you are having an open bleeding wound, make sure to seek medical treatment to prevent blood loss or infection. A small wound like a cut or an abrasion can be best treated with turmeric, as it is the best home remedy for the same due to its antiseptic properties.

5. Can Prevent Alzheimer's Disease

Several studies have shown that turmeric can help prevent Alzheimer's disease. The wonderful spice may help relieve oxidative damage in the brain and reduce inflammation. Alzheimer's disease promotes the build-up of protein plaques, and turmeric has been shown to help clear this plaque. So, make turmeric a part of your daily diet to prevent Alzheimer's disease.

6. It Is A Natural Painkiller

What will you do the next time if you have minor joint aches and sprains? Consider using a natural remedy such as turmeric. Not only does turmeric provide your dishes a rich distinct flavour but it also can help aid your minor aches. The presence of anti-inflammatory properties helps in relieving minor pains.

7. Can Help In Weight Loss

Did you know turmeric is an incredible spice that can help in managing your weight? This spice can help prevent fat accumulation, can help accelerate diet-induced weight loss and can boost your metabolism. Consider including turmeric into your daily diet when you are trying to lose weight.

8. Natural Anti-Depressant

Depression is caused due to many factors such as an unhealthy lifestyle, low social support and living chaotic lives, which can play a major role in depression. Turmeric may be a good choice when choosing an anti-inflammatory agent to consume if experiencing depression. You can add turmeric in your meals that will act as an anti-depressant.

9. It Can Treat Psoriasis

Psoriasis is a non-contagious skin condition that causes build-up on the skin. The symptoms of the condition are red scaly patches, burning skin, itchy skin, swollen joints and stiffness. Recent studies have shown that turmeric can help bring relief from the symptoms of psoriasis.

10. Improves Immunity

A stronger and healthier immune system is necessary to fight against the germs. So, if an infection, or a cold or flu hits you, the immune system is ready to fight against the germs. Turmeric has been shown to boost your immune system due to its antimicrobial, antiviral, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. The spice plays a very important role in building a strong immune system.

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