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11 Amazing Health Benefits Of Aleppo Pepper
Aleppo pepper, also known as Halaby pepper is a little-known spice with a plethora of health benefits. Scientifically, this pepper is known as Capsicum annuum, a plant species which is known mainly for all kinds of sweet, mild and hot chillies, ...
Health Benefits Of Aleppo Pepper

Can Ginger Help Prevent And Manage Diabetes?
According to the data by the International Diabetes Federation, around 10 per cent of adults may suffer from diabetes till the year 2040. Diabetes is a chronic disease caused due to lifestyle, environmental and genetic factors. Traditional herbs have been ...
8 Perfect Substitutes For Nutmeg
Nutmeg is a popular spice made from the seeds of the nutmeg tree (Myristica fragrans). It is available in whole-seed form as well as in the form of ground spice. Nutmeg is known to have an array of health benefits. Nutmeg ...
Perfect Substitutes For Nutmeg
14 Fascinating Benefits Of Mace Spice (Javitri)
The spice mace is obtained from the red coloured aril of the nutmeg seed. The seed covering has a flavour similar to that of the nutmeg, but mace has more of a delicate flavour. The saffron-like hue of the spice gives ...
Soya Vegetable Mix Recipe
Soya vegetable mix is a North Indian side dish usually served with rotis and naan. This is a highly protein-rich food that is considered to be advantageous, especially for women. Soya vegetable mix is the powerhouse of health benefits, as the ...
Egg Palya Recipe: How To Prepare Egg Palya At Home
The egg palya is a unique mix dish of both North and South India that is prepared as a side dish. Any palya is originally a South Indian dish served as a part of the whole meals. The egg palya can ...
Egg Palya
How To Prepare Mediterranean Shakshuka At Home
Shakshouka, or shakshuka, is a dish of eggs poached in a sauce of tomatoes, chilli peppers, and onions, and often spiced with cumin. It is of the Tunisian origin. Chef M S Bhandari gives us a very easy recipe of this ...
Asparagus And Hand-smashed Celery Cappuccino Recipe
Super healthy and super green is the word for this amazing delicious soup. Soup lovers can swear by this recipe and can easily make this at home. This soup can be taken in both the forms - hot or cold. It ...
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