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Why Is Macaroni And Cheese Bad For You?

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Preparing a salad isn't an easy task. You need to know what to eat and what not to eat together. Some combinations may not go well with your digestive system.

Fruits, vegetables and other food items do take their own time to digest. If you mix foods that digest fast with foods that digest slow, then are troubling your digestive system.

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Food poisoning, bloating or fermentation of food are the result of wrong food combinations. Pain in the stomach, gas problem and intestinal issues may also follow. Here are some foods that are not really good combinations.


Cheese And Macaroni

Cheese is protein and macaroni is starch. Both can't be digested together and this may cause fermentation. So, it is better to avoid consuming them together. In fact, even when you consume cheese along with veggies, you may feel bloated.


Watermelon And Melon

Though watermelon and melon seem to have rhyming words, they should not be eaten with other fruits.


Orange Juice And Bread

Eating bread while sipping orange juice may seem cool but its not so good for your digestive system. The digestive process of the juice may interfere with the digestion of starch.


Banana Milkshake

Most of us love banana milk shake. But the combination of milk and bananas can rapidly slow down your digestive processes.

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Fruits Post Meals

Eating a fruit right after a meal isn't a good food choice. It could even lead to acid reflux. Eating fruits along with a meal is also not advisable. It is better to maintain at least one hour gap between a meal and fruit.


Meat And Eggs

Eating eggs, meat and cheese together is another habit that could overload your system with proteins. It is better to choose only one protein source at a time.

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Fruits And Yoghurt

The combination of yoghurt and fruits is also not a good thing. It is said to disturb the intestinal bacteria. In fact, mixing fruits like pineapple with curd can even cause food poisoning.

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