Is Masala Chai Healthy?

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Indians can't imagine life without 'chai'. In fact, chai has become a part of our culture. And it isn't bad. Yes, it has some health benefits too.

Of course, most of us believe that only green tea has health benefits. In fact, if you can prepare your own 'masala chai' at home with spices and herbs, you can enjoy the healing benefits.

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Imagine chai as vegetable broth or bone broth. Broth is healthy as certain ingredients are boiled on low flame for 15-20 minutes. That process lets the nutrients of the ingredients seep into the water.

The same applies for chai. When you boil ingredients like ginger, cinnamon and cardamom, their medicinal benefits get into the water. So, ensure that you boil your chai on low flame for more than 15 minutes. Now, here are its benefits....


Benefit #1

When cancer cells start multiplying, they damage others cells and even the DNA. That is why preventive measures are better when it comes to cancer.

Ginger, cinnamon and cardamom are rich in antioxidants and they contain certain compounds that prevent certain types of cancer.


Benefit #2

The spices in chai can also stimulate pancreatic enzymes and digestion too. Also, chai is said to boost your metabolism.

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Benefit #3

When you're suffering from cold, a cup of hot masala chai serves two purposes. Firstly, it warms up your body and makes you feel refreshed. Secondly, it gives your immunity a boost to work on defending the body against cold.


Benefit #4

When you feel bloated, try having a strong masala chai. It can enhance digestion by stimulating your gastrointestinal system.

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Benefit #5

The spices in chai also have the ability to regulate healthy blood sugar levels. This way, in the long run, chai can minimise the risk of type 2 diabetes. Also, those who drink masala chai regularly can control their sugar cravings up to an extent.


Benefit #6

In women, sipping a masala chai made of ginger and cinnamon can help cope up PMS pain too. It keeps your hormones balanced.

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Benefit #7

Last but not the least, a cup of chai can boost your energy levels too. Chai is a stimulant. You can start your day with a masala chai.

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