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Is It Good To Eat Fish In Rainy Season?

Is it good to eat fish in rainy season? Fish is considered as one of the best foods that offers many nutrients. But it is not advisable to eat fish during the rainy season.

Many surveys on aquatic life report that human beings have already over exploited even the life living in the oceans. This happened mainly because fishermen have been catching fish throughout the year not giving enough time for the fish to reproduce new life.

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Don't eat Fish during Monsoon; here's why | बारिश में मछली खाना है सेहत के लिए हानिकारक | Boldsky

Actually, that is why in some coastal areas, fishing is banned during the rainy season at least for 40 to 60 days in order to allow the fish to breed.

Can we eat fish in rainy season? When it comes to the health reasons to avoid eating fish during the rainy season, here are they.


Your Digestive System Is Weak During Monsoon

In the monsoon, your digestive capabilities tend to dip a bit. Eating anything heavy could overburden the digestive system. Also, It is better to avoid all kinds of meat if the weather is too rainy.

Water Gets Contaminated During Rainy Season

Generally, during rainy season water tends to get easily contaminated. If water gets contaminated, the fish you eat could possibly cause cholera, diarrhea, jaundice or even typhoid.

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What If Eggs Reach Your Stomach?

Actually, fish tend to breed during the rainy season. If you happen to eat fish which have eggs in them, you may experience food poisoning or stomach infections.

What If Your Stock Is Stale?

Due to the demand and supply issues, they store some extra stock for rainy season. Most of the fish sold in the market during the monsoon may not be fresh and if you end up eating fish that had been stored in unhygienic conditions, you may vomit the next day.

What If The Water Is Polluted?

When it rains, you tend to see the dirty water flowing all around the city carrying sewage everywhere. In the same way, most of the water bodies do get polluted with all kinds of toxic materials during the rainy season. Eating the fish from such water bodies could be unhealthy.

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The Chemicals In Preservatives

In some places, certain preservatives are used to store fish for the rainy day. Those preservatives include polyphosphates and sulphates too which can keep the bacteria and fungi under control. But those very chemicals could cause health issues.

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