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Is Corn Actually A Healthy Snack?

By Chandana Rao

Are you someone who likes to enjoy a hot cup of cooked sweet corn regularly? Do you like to add a lot of corn to your sandwich filling or soups?

If yes, then at least some of you may have wondered if corn is actually healthy for you, right?

Well, it is common knowledge that a lot of the snacks that we consume today are made of corn.

The tasty nacho chips that we enjoy, certain corn-based salads, cooked sweet corn, soups, etc., are all foods that are consumed by people, on a regular basis.

However, just like with any other food that we consume, we do fear that even corn may come with certain harmful health effects.

For instance, although salt has a few health benefits, consuming salt in excess can harm your health.

So, you may wonder if corn also comes with certain hazardous health effects.

Many a times, we come across articles on the Internet which may tell us that corn is unhealthy!

Or we may have heard about the harmful effects of corn as a snack from others.

So, the question is, is it actually true that corn is unhealthy for us? Can we believe the articles that we read about it?

To answer that question, we have to first understand that not everything that we read on the Internet or hear from others could be true!

Especially when it comes to our health, we have to believe information given only by reliable sources.

So, now let us read about the many health benefits of corn as a snack, which can help us understand that it is in fact healthy!


1. Improves Heart Health

The antioxidants in corn actually increase when it is cooked and these healthy antioxidants can keep our heart healthy.


2. Improves Vision

Corn, especially sweet corn has the ability to strengthen the optic nerves and improve our vision, as it contains lutein.


3. Improves Energy Levels

Corn is rich in healthy carbohydrates which do not add weight to your body, but instead help boost your energy levels.


4. Reduces Constipation

As corn is rich in fibre content, it helps soften the stools and improves the bowel movement to reduce conditions like constipation.


5. Anti-Cancer Properties

Many research studies have shown that corn contains phytonutrients that have the ability to fight cancer-causing cells in the human body.


6. Aids Weight Loss

Corn is extremely low in calorie and sucrose content (even less than an apple!), so it is a healthy snack for people aiming to lose weight.


7. Healthy For Gut Bacteria

Corn has the ability to improve the production of the healthy bacteria in your gut, thus aiding a healthy digestion.


8. Gluten-Free

Corn is gluten-free. Many people suffer from gluten intolerance, so corn could be an excellent substitute for wheat, in such cases.

Story first published: Tuesday, June 6, 2017, 7:30 [IST]
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