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Is Butter Tea Healthy? Here Are The Benefits Of Butter Tea


Is butter tea healthy? If anybody in your circle is trying Paleo diet, you must have seen them drinking butter tea or coffee. Generally, tea leaves are boiled first. Once the tea is ready, a teaspoon of butter is added to it and blended well in a blender.

This recipe is famous in Tibet and Nepal. After it became a part of the Paleo diet, it gained more popularity; and today, there are people who enjoy butter tea in many parts of the world.

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If adding butter to coffee or tea sounds crazy, you must surely take a look at the health benefits of butter tea. Here are they:


It Can Boost Your Energy Levels

The main purpose is to get an energy boost. Also, the caffeine in it instantly charges you. Butter contains healthy fats which can offer energy.


It Is Healthy For The Brain

It offers antioxidants which can reverse free radical damage. Antioxidants can help in preventing brain damage that occurs with age. Your tea is your daily dose of antioxidants.

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It Is Good For Your Digestive System

Feeling bloated? Butter tea can help. Acid reflux? Butter tea can help. It can improve your digestion and help your body derive more nutrients.


Can It Help Lose Weight?

In a way, yes, it helps lose weight. It can temporarily bring down your appetite levels. It stimulates metabolism and the butter keeps you feel full. If you are someone who feels very hungry before lunch, butter tea can keep you full as it contains fat. This can prevent overeating during lunch.


Is It Good For Heart?

Is butter tea healthy for your heart? Excessive butter consumption is bad for your cholesterol profile. But butter tea in moderation can offer linoleic acid which reduces bad cholesterol levels.

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Do You Feel Constipated?

Apart from fibre, even fat can prevent constipation though most of us seldom believe it. Your body releases bile when you consume fat. The bile helps lubricate the food and helps it move faster.


Is It Good For Diabetics?

Butter tea can control your blood sugar, thanks to the linoleic acid. As there isn't enough evidence on this, consult your doctor before trying butter tea if you are a diabetic.

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Does It Boost Immunity?

Butter tea contains catechins which boost immunity and prevent many types of illnesses.



Is butter tea good for you? Yes, but it should be consumed ONLY in moderation. Don't try butter tea if you don't have an active lifestyle, if your cholesterol levels are high and if you are suffering obesity. As butter tea also contains caffeine and salt, excessive consumption is unhealthy.

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