Do Carrots Help To Treat Period Pain? Check It Out!

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One of the worst and annoying time for women every month is when they are menstruating. It not just makes them uncomfortable but a few of them also experience extreme pain, making it difficlut to carry on with their day-to-day activities.

For such a condition carrots help provide relief. Among the several health benefits of carrots, treating period pain is a major one.

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health benefits of carrots

The intensity of the pain may vary from one woman to another. A few of them have extreme pain, a few have mild pain while a few others do not feel any pain at all. So what leads to this excruciating pain during periods? When the uterus contracts to expel its lining while menstruating, this leads to extreme pain in the lower abdomen.

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When the pain gets unbearable women take painkillers. This might provide immediate relief but popping in a painkiller every time you get the pain might not be healthy. It can cause a lot of side effects. So for such a condition natural remedies are the best and carrot is one among them.

Here are a few reasons why women should make carrots a part of their diet especially when they are on their periods. Take a look at the health benefits of carrots and how to consume them.

health benefits of carrots

#1. Rich In Iron Content:
Carrots are rich in iron content and are known to make up for the blood loss during periods. It not just helps in easing the pain but also helps to regularize the period flow.

health benefits of carrots

#2. Rich In Beta Carotene:
One of the major contents in carrot is the beta carotene. The beta carotene converts into vitamin A that is helpful in controlling the blood flow and thus minimizes the pain.

health benefits of carrots

#3. Rich In Fibre:
Carrots contain unique fibres that help in detoxifying the body and ease the blood flow and pain during menstruation.

Ways to consume carrots when you have menstrual pain:


#1. Carrot Juice:

Take one or two fresh carrots, peel them, cut them into pieces and then put them in a juicer and then blend them well. Drink this juice twice a day. It helps ease menstrual pain.


#2. Include Carrots In Salads:

Add carrots to your salads and then have them. This helps ease the pain during your periods and also even if your cycle is normal, adding carrots helps beat fatigue.


#3. Eat Raw Carrots:

If your period pain becomes unbearable, just take fresh carrots, clean them properly and then chew the raw carrots. It helps ease the pain. Also having carrots helps in regularizing the blood flow.

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