Foods That Cleanse Your Blood

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The human body can cleanse itself. But today, there are toxins everywhere. They are in the air, in the food, in cosmetics, in our surroundings, in the junk we eat and almost everywhere we go.

It isn't easy for your body to take that much of toxic load. All kinds of diseases will wait for a day to pounce upon you, if you don't do anything about the toxic load.

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Some foods cleanse your blood. Quit smoking, junk foods, foods that contain artificial ingredients and eat the following foods to your diet in order to keep toxins away from your blood.



Neem is among the best options to purify your blood. It contains antiviral, antiseptic, anti-fungal and also anti-inflammatory properties. Just add a drop of neem oil to a cup of warm water and drink it daily.

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After waking up, eat a raw garlic on a daily basis. It can purify the blood and also cleanses the blood vessels. It is also good for your liver.

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Beetroots help your body in the production of blood cells. It can also cleanse your blood from toxins.

Drinking beetroot juice regularly helps your liver.



Carrots contain glutathione, which cleanses your blood. It works well when you eat it raw!



Warm lemon water along with honey can do wonders in cleansing your body of toxins. Start your day with it. Lemons help your liver flush out toxins.



Turmeric cleanses your blood vessels and also boosts blood circulation. Drinking turmeric milk can purify your blood.

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Greens like spinach and kale do a good job in cleansing the whole body thanks to the antioxidants in them. They are good in raw or steamed form.



The phytonutrients in apples help your body's detoxifying mechanism.

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Apples contain pectin which is a fiber that binds heavy metals and cleanses your blood by eliminating the toxins.

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