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Food Combinations That Will Make You Ill


Your food is what builds you and helps you live through your life. Though we are supposed to eat mindfully, we seldom pay attention to what food combinations we eat.

Some nutritious foods are very good when they are taken alone but they may prove counter productive when they are eaten along with certain other foods.

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Are you wondering what kind of food combinations hurt your body? Read on to know.


Bread And Jam

Though most of us enjoyed bread and jam during childhood, it isn't a good combo. White bread is refined flour and jam is sugar. That gives a sugar high and low. If you wish to use jam then use brown bread that doesn't contain yeast.


Soda And Pizza

Eating starch, protein and carbs in one go could over burden your digestive system. And if you drink a sugary soda along with your pizza you are simply slowing down your digestive process. You may feel bloated.

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Cheese Pasta

If you love pasta, avoid using tomato or cheese in it as both of them may hinder the digestion of starch that's present in pasta. Add greens or baked vegetables to pasta.


Chocolate Milk

Cocoa can impact absorption of calcium as it contains contains oxalic acid. When you consume cocoa along with a calcium food source like milk, it could even form oxalate crystals which could trouble your kidneys. If you are a fan of hot chocolate, then use skim milk to boost oxalate absorption.


Eggs With Bacon

Eating eggs and bacon may not be a wise decision as it takes so much of energy to digest them. You may feel deprived. Eat eggs along with tomatoes instead of bacon. The acid present in tomatoes can help in the digestion process. Also, lycopene from tomatoes and the vitamin E from eggs can go well together.

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Orange Juice With Breakfast Cereals

Some people love their breakfast cereals along with orange juice but it isn't a great combo. You may feel heavy. Also, the acid present in oranges could interfere with the carb digestion. If you maintain a gap of an hour between the cereal intake and orange juice then things would be fine.


Salads With Lemon Juice

If you love eating salads, you need to remember that the nutrients present in those vegetables may need healthy fats for absorption. If you have the habit of using only lemon in your salads, try to add a spoon of olive oil or an avocado to your salad to get some fat.

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