What's The Best Time To Drink Milk: Morning Or Night?

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Surely, milk is healthy but when is the right time to drink it? Is it good to drink it during the day time or is night time better?

Firstly, drinking milk is a good way to get some calcium and protein. Unless you are lactose intolerant, drinking milk surely helps irrespective of the time of the day you consume.

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But the time of consumption surely offers certain health benefits. Depending upon what kind of benefit you want from milk, you can time your consumption.


Fact #1

If you want more protein in your breakfast then drinking milk in the morning is good for you. Apart from calcium and protein, milk also offers potassium, magnesium, phosphorus and vitamins.


Fact #2

If you are into morning workouts then it is good to drink milk in the morning to supply your body with protein and calcium. Your bones and muscles need calcium and protein to recover and grow.

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Fact #3

If you wish to feel full and curb your cravings throughout the day, morning is the best time to drink milk. But if you are someone who feels bloated after drinking milk, then avoid it in the morning.


Fact #4

If you have sleep issues and are unable to fall asleep on time, it is good to drink warm milk in the night before going to bed. It helps you calm down and sleep well.

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Fact #5

If you are tired after a day's work and wish to unwind, drink milk in the night. It contains an amino acid known as tryptophan which helps your brain release serotonin. Milk also helps you relax.


Fact #6

If you are trying to lose weight, it isn't advisable to drink milk in the night. Also, drinking milk at night could cause digestive issues for some people.

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Fact #7

Whenever you drink milk, make sure that you prefer warm milk over cold milk. Warm milk boosts digestion. Also, remember that excessive consumption of milk isn't healthy. Consume it in moderation. Maybe, 150-200 ml a day is enough.

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