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15 Reasons To Drink Milk


There are several reasons why they call milk a complete food. It contains many nutrients that we require. Milk is something that is produced by mammals to feed the young. Maybe that is why milk contains most of the essential nutrients.

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Some people are lactose intolerant. Some people may be allergic to milk. It is advisable to stay away from milk and other dairy products in such a case. Also, consulting a doctor is important in order to know about other alternatives that provide the nutrients that milk provides.

Trying almond milk, coconut milk, hemp milk, rice milk, soy milk or cashew milk may help, but again, your doctor is the right person to advise if you are suffering from food intolerance or allergy.

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Milk has the capacity to enhance certain functions of your body and it can also prevent certain diseases. Now let us discuss about several reasons to drink milk.


It Hydrates You

Milk is predominantly water and therefore, those who drink milk in good quantities tend to stay hydrated.


It Gives You Energy

As milk also contains carbohydrates in it, you tend to feel energetic when you consume milk.


It Provides Calcium

Milk is a good and affordable source of Calcium. Instead of taking Calcium supplements, drinking milk can be far more beneficial.


Provides Vitamins

This is one of the reasons to drink milk regularly. It can provide you with minerals and vitamins in one go. Your body and mind tend to stay healthy when proper quantities of vitamins and minerals are supplied.


It Is A Complete Food

When a single food successfully provides the nutrients that your body needs, it can called as a complete food. Milk is one of them.


It Strengthens Bones

When you get enough of Calcium, your bones tend to be strong and healthy. Calcium deficiency may weaken your bones.


Prevents Acidity

Regular consumption of milk may prevent acidity. But you may need to drink cold milk to get that effect.


Good For Skin

The lactic acid present in milk is good for skin. That is why many use milk to wash face.


Makes You Happy

A study claims that people who regularly drink milk instead of coffee or tea may experience lower levels of stress.


Good For Eyesight

Many health studies claim that drinking milk can be good for eye sight. Especially, kids should be given milk regularly.


Stabilises BP

The nutrients present in milk can normalise high BP. If you make it a habit of drinking milk daily, you may prevent certain health conditions.


Provides Protein

As milk also contains protein, it can be a good post workout snack too. Body builders and fitness enthusiasts cannot do without milk.


Prevents Obesity

If used in the right way, milk can also prevent obesity. But if you drink it excessively, it can make you gain weight too fast.


Prevents Cancer

Some studies claim that milk can effectively prevent certain types of cancer.


Prevents Diabetes

Certain studies claim that regular drinking of milk may significantly reduce the risk of suffering type 2 diabetes especially in women.

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