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Why You Should Not Skip Breakfast?

By: Sneha A

Have we not always been told that of all the meals breakfast is the most important one?

Well, this is not just another of the old wives' tale, it's actually a fact.

Today, when we have super busy lives, people often prefer saving time by skipping their meals, mostly breakfast.

Sadly, this leads them to suffer from so many problems, which they cannot even imgine.

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As the name itself states, breakfast is that meal which breaks the stage of fast for the body. It occurs between dinner and lunch; however, what happens if you don't have breakfast?

Well, if this important meal is skipped, the body can go into a prolonged state of fasting.

Having a healthy breakfast gives a kick-start to your day by providing a burst of energy and nourishment.

Lack of these two not only affect your physiological health but also your psychological status. You can suffer from mood swings, irritation, lack of concentration, laziness, etc.

The side effects of skipping breakfast can be extremely grave in the long term, and thus it should be avoided at all times.

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The following are some of the ordeals that the body goes through when you choose to skip your breakfast, take a look.

Why should you not skip breakfast

1. Skipping Your Breakfast Makes You Gain Weight: When you skip your breakfast in the morning, the body prepares itself for conserving the energy and thus when you do eat, the body does not burn it properly.

Instead it saves it for later use and this reduces your metabolism. Hence, you are at a higher risk of becoming fat than those who eat breakfast. Also, when you refrain from breakfast, you are more prone to overindulging yourself in wrong kinds of foods at any time of the day.

Why should you not skip breakfast

2. It Makes You Easily Irritable: When you miss your morning breakfast, you very soon begin to feel tired and cranky. Your empty stomach does not let you be in peace, no matter how much you ignore it. Those who eat a proper breakfast tend to stay more active and positive than those who don't.

Why should you not skip breakfast

3. You're Risking The Health Of Your Heart: Studies have shown that people who skip their breakfast are at a higher risk of contracting a heart attack than those who do not, as they are more prone to be suffering from hypertension, in which condition, the health of their heart is always at a risk.

Why should you not skip breakfast

4. Higher Risk Of Type 2 Diabetes: This is truer in case of women. Studies have shown that women who choose not to have a healthy breakfast in the morning have a 54% more chance of suffering from type 2 diabetes than those who do.

Why should you not skip breakfast

5. Lower Cognition & Forgetfulness: Studies have been conducted on school children of elementary level; and these studies showed that the short-term memory of children who came to school without eating their breakfast was lower than those kids who did. Another study which was performed on teenagers also produced similar results.

Why should you not skip breakfast

6. Can Cause You To Suffer From Migraine: Skipping your breakfast means eating after 12 long hours. This would in turn get you to suffer from low blood sugar level, triggering hormones, which increase blood pressure ultimately leading to headaches and migraines.

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Story first published: Tuesday, June 21, 2016, 5:00 [IST]
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