Are These Snacks Healthy?

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Indian dishes are very tasty and when it come to Indian snacks, we can't even live without them. In fact, there is nothing wrong in falling in love with snacks as when eaten in moderation, they don't harm your health but offer satisfaction to your taste buds.

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But when you get addicted to them, you tend to welcome lots of unearthly calories into your system and they turn into stubborn belly fat which may irritate you.

Some Indian snacks are fried in oil, made of refined flour and some contain too much of sugar. If you are someone who would want to prevent health disorders like diabetes, high BP, joint issues and obesity, try to consume these snacks in moderation instead of making them your staple foods.

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Now, let us discuss about certain unhealthy snacks to avoid.



Indians love samosa. This evening tea snack contains peas, potatoes and onions too. When eaten in moderation, samosa isn't that bad, but the problem is, each samosa gets you nearly 200-250 calories. And when you eat them roadside, the samosa isn't going to be healthy at all.



Kachori is like a cousin to samosa. It is filled with dal but the problem is, it is made of flour and fried in oil. When you eat it rarely, it is okay but eating it daily may get some unwanted calories that you have to deal with.



The sambar that accompanies a vada is healthy but not the vada. The only reason is that it is fried in oil. Crispy vadas absorb lots of oil and this is a calorie load for you. But occasionally, enjoy a plate of vada when you are bored of idli.



The sugar content and the oil content in this snack cum sweet makes it one of the unhealthiest addiction! The problem is, you can't satisfy yourself after eating one piece. You'll keep eating them and that is how you gain a few pounds when you fall in love with this snack.



This is also a deep-fried food which contains potato curry inside it. It is very tasty when you eat it along with a paav which means bread. In fact, it is a filling snack but when you eat it too much, the oil content troubles you.



Indians love to enjoy sev, mixture or bhujia. Though this snack looks harmless, the problem is that it is loaded with calories. A small bowl of sev may come with nearly 500 calories! So, enjoy it rarely.


Paani Puri

It contains water; so eating it on a roadside stall may not be safe to begin with especially if contaminated water is used. Also, the puri which is fried in oil and the potato that accompanies it, may load you with calories. so, enjoy paani puri rarely.

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Story first published: Saturday, February 13, 2016, 13:34 [IST]
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