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These Foods Will Kill Your Brain

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Some foods accumulate fat whereas some foods help burn fat. In the same way, there are some foods that boost brain power and some foods kill your intelligence.

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Just like the way you are careful about fat accumulation, it is better to be careful about feeding your brain with healthy food.

With age, your brain cells tend to deteriorate and that is why after 30 years, you may need to start being selective in the kind of foods you choose.

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So, health experts recommend restricting your intake of the following foods if you care for your intelligence.


Junk Food

Certain studies claim that junk foods can directly alter the chemical composition of the brain and may even cause anxiety and depression.


Sugary Foods

Many studies indicate that sugar consumption may in long term affect your memory power, cause neurological issues and may also impair brain function in old age. Avoid sugary items and also corn syrup.



Alcohol causes brain fog. It can directly impact your intelligence, cause confusion and may also impair your memory and judgement.


Trans Fats

They may make you feel sluggish and may also affect the quality of response by slowing down your reflex actions.


Refined Grains

Grains do affect your brain and may also cause brain fog in the long run. They also age you faster. But whole grains are better.


Processed Foods

These foods can impact the central nervous system. Some studies claim that they may cause brain diseases if consumed for decades.


Salty Foods

Even salty foods can affect cognitive function say researchers. That is the reason why they become addictive.



The problem with most of the processed foods is that, they come with lots of additives, colours, chemicals and flavours apart from the preservatives. They all have an effect on the brain too. Some studies claim that they can also alter nerve endings.

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