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How To Increase Oxygen In Blood

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Oxygen gives us life. Of course, we all breathe in and get sufficient amounts of oxygen. But still, ensuring that you supply more oxygen can help your blood and other organs of your body perform efficiently.

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Though healthy individuals never get to know the lack of oxygen levels in the air, those suffering from lung disorders like pneumonia tend to feel suffocated in poorly ventilated places.

The human body is capable of naturally breathing in oxygen without any conscious effort. But when you can offer a helping hand to your body by taking some steps like breathing deeply as an exercise, your health tends to get better.

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Here are some tips to help you out.


Tip #1

Breathe in fresh air that contains more oxygen and less of toxins and pollutants. Don't smoke actively or passively. Never stay in poorly ventilated areas.


Tip #2

Every time you consciously breathe, try to practice slow and deep breathing. By doing so, you can enhance your body's ability to grab more oxygen from the surroundings.


Tip #3

Sit straight when you consciously breathe in as good posture allows your lungs to breathe more efficiently.


Tip #4

Perform your workouts regularly. To keep your lungs healthy, choose cardio as it enhances both blood circulation and breathing capacity.


Tip #5

Take preventive measures to reduce your chances of suffering any kind of lung disorders. If required, quit habits like smoking.


Tip #6

Ensure that your diet is rich in iron. Iron is good for your blood. Also, eat foods that detoxify your lungs.


Tip #7

Eat plant based foods and ensure that your blood never gets too acidic. Ensure that your lungs and blood are healthy from time to time.

Story first published: Thursday, August 4, 2016, 8:16 [IST]
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