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10 Brilliant Night Foods To Be Included In Your Diet

You are on the look out to lose weight and the first thing you do is skip your meal, especially dinner. But do you think it is the right way to lose weight? Absolutely no.

Dinner is one of the most important meals of the day. If you skip dinner, there is a large gap between the meals. Straight after your lunch you will be having your breakfast the next day.

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Instead of helping you to lose weight, this huge gap between meals will lead to several health problems instead. Severe acidity, nausea, weakness and disturbed sleep are a few among them.

So what could be the best option for those wishing to lose weight? Eating a light and healthy dinner is not just the best way to remain healthy, but it also helps to clear your bowel and get a good sleep.

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Keeping away from junk foods which are high in calories just before you go to bed, should be one thing that needs to be followed. Surprisingly, there are certain night foods which help one to lose weight and at the same time remain healthy.

Include these 10 brilliant night foods in your diet and you will not have to worry about putting on weight; instead you would turn out to be healthier. Check it out.


1. High-fibre Cereal And Milk:

A bowl of whole grain cereals, for example, oatmeal taken with low fat milk will give you a feeling of fullness and at the same time it helps to burn the calories and fats.


2. Avocado:

The avocado is one of the best night fruits which is rich in vitamins, minerals and fibre. Moderate consumption of avocados helps in regulating blood sugar levels, increasing the good cholesterol level and in promoting a good sleep.


3. Banana:

The banana is one of the most healthy night snacks which is rich in fibre, potassium, magnesium, electrolytes and vitamins. It helps to prevent muscle cramps and gives a good night sleep.


4. Nuts:

Having nuts, especially almonds and walnuts gives you a feeling of fullness and are a good night time snack. Rich in several nutrients and proteins it helps to satisfy your hunger.


5. Whole Grain Bread:

Having one or two pieces of whole grain bread is one of the best night foods. It is rich in fibre, vitamins and minerals and is low in calories.


6. Yogurt:

Having yogurt, especially a low-fat one along with a few tablespoons of flaxseeds is one of the best healthy night snacks. This blend contains proteins, carbohydrates and good fats and helps to maintain the blood sugar level.


7. Warm Milk And Honey:

Having a glass of warm milk and a teaspoon of honey is one of the best night foods. This helps to release melatonin which helps to build the body tissues while one is at rest and it also helps to stabilize the blood sugar levels.


8. Apple With Peanut Butter:

Apart from being a delicious food, apple and peanut butter are rich in vitamins and calcium. It is one of the best night time snacks which is healthy for all age groups of people.


9. Carrots:

Carrots consumed in the form of juice or pieces are a good source of night time diet. Carrots are rich in carotene, potassium and vitamins and all these enhance a better sleep and overall good health.


10 Leafy Green Vegetables:

Green leafy vegetables like spinach and kale are the best night time foods. Rich in folate these green leafy vegetables help to fight fatigue and also promote a good rest and sleep.

Story first published: Tuesday, August 9, 2016, 12:11 [IST]
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