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Stay Away From These Common Foods If You Want To Avoid Diseases!

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Food and health are like two sides of the same coin. They are very closely linked to each other.

A person's health mainly depends on how healthy his/her diet is.

If an individual maintains a healthy diet that involves nutritious, clean foods, then he/she can surely keep certain disorders at bay.

However, if you do not watch what you eat and make it a habit to consume foods that are rich in fats, sugar, etc., on a daily basis, then you may be putting your health at risk.

As most of us know, eating high-calorie foods, in excess, can lead to metabolic disorders like obesity, diabetes, high cholesterol, cardiovascular diseases and many more.

Also, eating out too often can cause ailments such as food poisoning, diarrhoea and other bacterial infections.

If you keep falling sick quite often, you will be missing out on important daily activities and your immunity will also weaken at the same time.

Did you know that there are certain natural ingredients and foods that could be making you more prone to diseases?

Here is a list of foods that you must avoid, in order to stay healthy, have a look.


1.Leafy Greens

Spinach, lettuce, mint, etc., may be very nutritious; however, they are filled with microbes and toxic pesticides that are harmful for our health. Clean them thoroughly before consumption.


2. Eggs

Yet another healthy food, eggs can also cause various ailments, as they can contain bacteria known as Salmonella, which is extremely hazardous.


3. Tuna Fish

Unclean tuna fish can contain a harmful substance called scombrotoxin, which is known to cause ailments like headache, hot flashes and cramps.


4. Oysters

This exotic food can contain norovirus, which is known to cause fever, chills, gastroenteritis and even skin blisters.


5. Potato

Yes, this seemingly harmless vegetable, when not cleaned well, can contain E. coli bacteria that causes various digestive disorders and also affects the immune system.


6. Berries

Although berries are tasty and healthy, they can contain a parasite known as Cyclospora, which can cause severe stomach cramps, diarrhoea and dehydration.


7. Peanut Butter

This healthy, protein-rich snack can become the breeding ground for bacteria Salmonella, which can cause various digestive ailments and flu-like symptoms in people, when consumed often and not stored properly.

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Story first published: Thursday, August 4, 2016, 18:40 [IST]
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