Side Effects Of Healthy & Nutritious Food

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Nutritious foods are healthy to consume, but too much of it can actually make you sick. It is important to follow a well balanced diet with the right amount of proteins, minerals and vitamins. It is also necessary to add a couple of carbs to your diet since carbohydrates foods help to provide your body with energy thus accessing you to carry on with your daily activites without feeling tired.

Recent studies have shown that there are some nutritious foods which have side effects on your health. Shocked? Well, we were too! It is stated that foods like broccoli, carrots, dates have a serious impact on the health after a couple of years and if eaten in excess, they have a greater impact on the entire nervous system as well as the skin.

The side effects that these foods have on our health are quite alarming and in some cases, an overdose of these nutritious foods have proven to be fatal. Therefore, before you add any of these treats to your daily diet, it is best to think twice before a meal.

Keep reading this article to find out some of the most healthy foods you should avoid eating in excess and do share them as well.  


Chewing Gum

Sorbitol is a compound which is found in excess in sugar-less chewing gum. When consumed the compound is poorly absorbed by the intestines and hence acts as a laxative. It is best to stick to the non-sugarless chewing gum if you already have a bad tummy.


Carrots & Dates

Carrots contain carotene, so does other healthy foods like dates and beetroot. When these foods are consumed in excess, the pigments can give your skin an orange-ish colour.



Drinking too much of coffee in a day can make you addicted. On the other hand, this healthy food can make you hallucinate, and too much of it can lead to symptoms of Schizophrenia



Drinking hot tea and coffee tells your body to start sweating, which is the body's natural mechanism to start cooling off and hence makes you cooler.



Soy has a serious affect on men. Those men who consumed too much of soy on a day to day basis had lower sperm count than compared to men who didn't consume this healthy and nutritious food.



The reddish pink berries have hallucinogenic properties which can make you feel light headed and unsteady on the feet. It is important not to consume too much of this healthy fruit.



Vegetables like broccoli and cauliflower, contain chemicals called goitrogens. These chemicals mess with the function of the thyroid gland and if enough are eaten they can cause hypothyroidism which cause further health problems like obesity and heart diseases.



If you don't want to be interrupted by too many bathroom breaks be sure not to eat to many oranges or melons. Fruits high in vitamin C make you urinate a lot.



Foods like tomatoes and citrus fruits are highly acidic in nature. This acidity can cause heartburn and a feeling of uneasiness. Consuming too much of this fruits should be restricted.



These healthy foods often have a high amount of the compound tyramine. This compound is produced by the breakdown of the amino acid tyrosine and increases the flow of blood to the brain, causing headaches.



"Asparagus contains a sulfur compound called mercaptan which when consumed can make your body smell like a skunk.

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