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Remember This Before Trying A Crash Diet

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The objective of most of the crash diet plans is to accelerate the weight loss. They promise very quick results and that is where the problem lies. Your body needs time and if you rush it through the process, it may or may not respond well.

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Also, another issue is that most of the crash diets involve cutting down your calorie consumption drastically. That may or may not suit your lifestyle depending upon your activity levels and occupation.

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When your energy levels drop and your mind goes cloudy, your determination to continue a new diet plan may even evaporate. Also, most of the crash diet plans aren't even healthy. So, read on to know what to consider before even thinking about such diet plans.


Tip #1

If you wish to try a crash diet, ensure that you don't follow it for more than 7 days. Ensure that you do it for a very short period of time to avoid its consequences.


Tip #2

If you are following a crash diet, make it a point to gulp in a multivitamin tablet. Even if your diet fails to provide you with all the necessary nutrients, your multivitamin pill can prevent vitamin deficiencies.


Tip #3

If your energy levels are going to crash, simply give up the diet and get back to normal. Your body may not be able to function efficiently if enough calories are not provided.


Tip #4

When your food habits are changed all of a sudden, you may experience mood swings and headaches. So, be prepared to handle them.


Tip #5

While trying any new diet, stay away from regular habits like smoking, drinking and even coffee too. They may spoil the benefits of all your attempts.


Tip #6

If you really respect your health, never start any crash diet without consulting your doctor or dietician.


Tip #7

Keep your plans realistic and choose something that makes you enjoy the whole process instead of making you feel starved or constrained. Only then, you can enjoy the results of a particular diet.

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Story first published: Wednesday, August 17, 2016, 8:18 [IST]
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