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Why You Must Strengthen Your Core

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There are certain exercises thats strengthen your core and any gym trainer would generally recommend those exercises first. Have you wondered why?

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Well, unless you have a strong core, you may not be able to do advanced level workouts. Your core is almost your center. Unless it is strong enough, other supporting muscles my not be able to team up to do some heavy duty workouts.

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In fact, if you neglect the core and casually go about your workouts, you my even injure yourself. In fact, the strength of your core is important even to your daily life. Now, let us discuss some other reasons why you have to strengthen your core.


Sedantary Stress

You tend to sit for the whole day in your office but do you know how much strain it puts on your back? When your core is strong, your body will be able to cope up with all the stress.



Even simple activities like running and walking need the help of your core. And a strong core can make you a champ in running. You can't balance your body while running without a strong core.


Making Love...

Yes, even making love has something to do with a strong core. If your core is weak, you may not be able to participate in romance for long.


Lifting Becomes Effortless

If you are into lifting weights, you need to have a strong core. Otherwise, you may injure your back every time you lift a heavy weight.



When your core is weak, you may even lose interest in household activities and chores. When your core is strong, you will be able to lead an active and a healthy life.



Your posture tends to get better when you have a strong core. Sitting, standing and bending; all such activities will become easy and graceful.



Almost all your daily activities require a functioning core. Even lifting your luggage or going for shopping requires core strength and this is why you must not neglect core strength.

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