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Real Reasons Why Vegetarians Live Longer


There is nothing wrong about eating your favourite meats, as they contain a lot of proteins, and yes the presence of iron in meats is extremely high when compared to any other vegetarian dish.

On the other hand, according to recent studies, it is revealed that vegetarians tend to be overall healthier than non-vegetarians and in fact they have a longer lifespan too! Shocked? Get prepared to take a look at some of the other health issues that vegetarians skip.

Heart diseases, cancer and blood pressure are the three health problems mostly faced by non-vegetarians and this is due to the cholesterol build-up and the presence of fats in the meat. Health experts state that if you consume only small portions of non-veg foods and more of veg foods, there is a slight possibility that you too will outlive the complete carnivorous non-veg folks.

So, here are some of the reasons why we think you should go green with those veggies and ditch the meats. It is time to dream about living a longer and healthier lifestyle.

Take a look at the why vegetarians tend to outlive the non-vegetarians:


No Sign Of Blood Pressure

According to a research, vegetables have properties that tend to control the blood pressure levels. So, if you are a veggie lover, you will not suffer from high blood pressure.


No Sign Of An Early Death

Vegetables don't come loaded with the saturated fats and the cholesterol to clog your arteries and cause fatal diseases. Vegetables are much healthier to consume when it comes to high calorie non-vegetarian foods.


Lesser Risk Of Cancer

Vegetables like capsicum have properties that can prevent cancer, the most deadliest disease that kills more than a million people every year. This is one of the best reasons to go green and veg.



There is no research that shows vegetarian foods can prevent diabetes. However, vegetables are much higher in nutrients unlike fatty meats which cause the onset of diabetes.


There Is No Heart Problems

A new study shows that vegetarians were 32 percent less likely to develop ischemic heart disease when compared to non-vegetarians.


Forget About Being Overweight

Research shows that vegetarians tend to be leaner than their meat-eating counterparts. This is because most of the vegetables are fat burning foods which tend to cut the calories in the body.


Positive Vibes Always

It is said that vegetarians are a much happier set of people when compared with non-vegetarians. This is because vegetables have an effect on your hormones, enabling them to be balanced at all times.