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Poisonous Foods We May Eat By Mistake

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Though the fruits and vegetables that we eat on a daily basis are not poisonous, there could be situations where they could turn poisonous.

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For example, we all buy potatoes and store them at home. But when there are sprouts on potatoes, we tend to cut those sprouts away and use the remaining parts of the potato. This isn't healthy as such potatoes are said to contain poison.

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This way, there are some other vegetables which are said to contain poisons. Let us discuss about them in this post..



Potatoes are okay but only before they turn green. When a potato becomes green, it is said to contain a poison known as glycoalkaloid. Potatoes develop certain other poisons in them to repel predators. Also, avoid potatoes which have sprouts on them. If you eat such potatoes, they could cause vomiting and diarrhea.



Some almonds are bitter. They are poisonous as they might contain cyanide. Many studies claim that over-eating bitter almonds could even result in death.



Cherries are okay but not their seeds as they are said to contain hydrogen cyanide. So, eating the seeds may be dangerous.



Tomatoes aren't poisonous but the stems and leaves do contain glycoalkaloid. So, cut the stems and leaves from the tomatoes before eating them.



Cassava also contains cyanide. If it isn't soaked, dried or cooked properly, it may affect your health drastically.


Lima Beans

Lima beans contain cyanide and are not healthy if eaten raw. It is advisable to cook them before eating.



Not all mushrooms are healthy. Some varieties do contain poisons. Consult a nutritionist if you wish to eat mushrooms.

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