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Do Plant Based Foods Boost DNA Repair

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What is DNA repair? Well, it is just a process in which a living cell tries to repair the damage that is done to its DNA molecule.

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The capacity of DNA repair is said to be very important for the healthy functioning of your body. The rate at which this kind of repair occurs depends upon many factors. The age of the cell also plays a role.

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Every day, some amount of damage occurs to the DNA. The damage could be due to the environment or regular metabolic processes. That is why let us know more about DNA damage.


Fact #1

Many studies indicate that a diet that is rich in fruits and vegetables drastically minimise the risk of certain types of cancers.


Fact #2

Most of us talk a lot about the antioxidants that fruits and vegetables contain but in fact, they are more than just carriers of antioxidants. They contain several micro-nutrients.


Fact #3

What most of us don't know is the fact that micro nutrients have a role in detoxification and gene expression too.


Fact #4

In fact, micro-nutrients can also modulate the repair pathways of your DNA. Till recently, researchers never thought that nutrition could also affect DNA repair.


Fact #5

DNA damage needs to be repaired; otherwise, it could cause mutations that maximise the chances for various types of cancers.


Fact #6

Some plant based foods do have cancer-preventing properties and this explains that what we eat can also affect the DNA.


Fact #7

Some foods like celery, strawberry, lemons, broccoli and apples are said to promote DNA repair. Including them in your diet could be prevent or minimise the DNA damage.

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Story first published: Monday, August 29, 2016, 13:51 [IST]
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