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Can You Eat Raw Kale?

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We all know the high nutritional quotient of kale and why it is known as a super food. Just like cauliflower, cabbage and broccoli, even kale is considered as a cruciferous vegetable.

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It is rich in fibre, flavonoids, carotenoids, vitamin K, C and A. Many people who love to eat raw foods enjoy kale in its raw form. It is healthy in raw form but healthier in its cooked form.

But those who are obsessed with raw foods hate to eat any vegetable in its cooked form. But frankly speaking, some vegetables offer more health benefits in the cooked form.

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If you wish to consume it only in its raw form, then you may need to know about certain facts. Here are they.


Fact #1

Raw kale comes with a compound that actually blocks a thyroid enzyme. But when you cook it, this issue can be solved. But this doesn't mean that raw kale is unhealthy because if your body has sufficient iodine in it, raw kale can be consumed.


Fact #2

It is better to consume foods rich in iodine if you wish to eat raw kale or other cruciferous vegetables on a daily basis.


Fact #3

Some health experts recommend cooking most of the vegetables like kale, turnips, radishes, cabbage, broccoli, brussels sprouts etc. The enzyme which keeps away iodine from thyroid becomes weak after kale is cooked.


Fact #4

You can also consider consuming different cruciferous vegetable in different days instead of consuming more than one variety on a single day.


Fact #5

You may also need selenium for iodine levels. Add Brazil nuts to your raw kale salad. This will reduce the risk a bit.


Fact #6

It is better to choose to cook your cruciferous vegetables and consume all other vegetables raw if you are really into raw foods.

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