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Why Foods Rich In Chlorophyll Are Healthy
Is chlorophyll beneficial to humans? First of all, what is chlorophyll? Well, it is nothing but a pigment that is green in colour. It is found in green plants. What does chlorophyll do? It helps in the process of photosynthesis in ...
Can Foods Keep You Young And Healthy?
Is it possible to stay young and healthy by eating certain foods? Well, you can surely slow down your ageing process up to an extent by eating some foods. Ageing can damage your skin, hair, eye sight, stamina and overall health. ...
7 Best Alkaline Foods That Fight Cancer & Heart Disease
We hear everyone talking about alkaline foods. Well, the foods we eat could either make the body alkaline or acidic depending upon their nature. When the internal environment of the human body is acidic, many health issues including cancer can occur ...
Alkaline Foods That Fight Cancer
Kale Hair Mask Recipes For 2X Thicker Hair
We have been hearing so much about kale, and its magical properties for hair, that we decided it is about time we discover exactly what kale hair masks can do! Turns out, they can do a lot more than what we'd ...
Kale Hair Mask Recipes For Two Times Thicker Hair
Kale: Types, Nutritional Benefits & How To Eat
Kale is deemed as a wonderful superfood due to its amazing health benefits. It is one of the world's nutritious and healthiest foods with powerful medicinal properties. Kale is a vegetable which belongs to the cabbage family (Brassicaceae). It contains very ...
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