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Why Foods Rich In Chlorophyll Are Healthy

Is chlorophyll beneficial to humans? First of all, what is chlorophyll? Well, it is nothing but a pigment that is green in colour. It is found in green plants.

What does chlorophyll do? It helps in the process of photosynthesis in plants. Plants absorb sunlight and convert that into food.

Many green foods contain chlorophyll and that is why green juices have become popular. Spinach and kale are good examples of green foods. Actually, regularly drinking green juices can boost the quality of your skin. Here are the other health benefits of chlorophyll.


It Has A Detoxifying Effect

Chlorophyll can clear the toxins in your intestines, blood and liver. It helps your body eliminate the heavy metals and other wastes.


Helps In Ph Balance Of The Body

Chlorophyll helps in balancing the pH levels of your body. This way, foods rich in chlorophyll can help in bringing down the acidic levels of your body and preventing certain health ailments.

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Offers Antioxidants

Chlorophyll contains antioxidant properties which can protect your body's cells from oxidative damage. It can slow down your ageing process too.


It Helps Absorb Minerals

It offers magnesium which is an important mineral for your bones and certain other functions of your body. It also helps your body absorb certain other minerals like calcium.


It Helps Make The Blood Better

Chlorophyll is also said to help the body in producing more red blood cells.


Control Blood Sugar Levels

Chlorophyll contains magnesium which can control blood glucose levels in those suffering from type 2 diabetes.


Prevents Cancer

A recent study claims that chlorophyll can prevent many types of cancer. It is said to curb the growth of cancer cells.