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Is Dhokla Healthy?

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Dhokla is a Gujarati dish. It is a vegetarian item. It is a product made predominantly with chickpea flour. Some use both rice flour and chickpeas. It is made of fermented batter. Many people eat it both as a snack and as breakfast.

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Actually, there are lots of varieties of dhokla. Khatta dhokla, rawa dhokla, toor dal dhokla are among the famous types of dhokla. In fact, there are more than 10 varieties of this food item.

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Each variety comes with a different set of health benefits depending upon the ingredients used in it. Now, let us discuss about the general benefits of eating dhokla.


Benefit #1

Flour is fermented before the preparation of dhokla. The process of fermentation boosts the nutrition value of this food.


Benefit #2

As the glycemic index of this food is low, it is good for those who needs to maintain stable blood sugar levels.


Benefit #3

Dal contains both protein and fibre which are very essential for your health. Fibre keeps you full for long and promotes digestion.


Benefit #4

It is a low calorie food. In every 50 grams of dhokla, you can get around 80 calories.


Benefit #5

This is a steamed food and the process of steaming preserves most of the nutrients.


Benefit #6

It also contains carbohydrates which offer energy. Instead of eating an oily Samosa as a snack, you can try dhokla occasionally.


Benefit #7

If you wish to avoid fries, then you can rely on steamed foods. Dhokla could be one of the best choices among steamed foods.

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