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If You Crave For These Foods, Then You May Have Health Problems!!

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Do you remember that time when you wanted to have some spicy butter chicken masala right away and could not control your craving for it, so you had to order some instantly?

Surely enough, most of us would have been in situations like that in which we experienced an uncontrollable urge to eat certain foods.

With the wide range of cuisines available today, it may seem very normal to have irresistible cravings for some of your favourite dishes every now and then.

However, most of us would already be aware of the fact that not exercising self-control when it comes to your eating habits can lead to numerous health complications.

Overeating and craving for just one particular food all the time are two completely different things.

The fact is, if you have been craving for particular foods on a regular basis, then it could mean that you could be at the risk of certain deficiencies and disorders.

So, here is a list of foods and potential disorders that you may have if you crave for these foods. Have a look.


1. Salt

If you often crave for salty foods, it could mean that you may have Addison's disease, in which a person loses a lot of sodium from the body due to profuse sweating!


2. Cheese

Craving for milk products, especially cheese, very often can be a sign of calcium deficiency that is not at all healthy for your bones!


3. Red Meat

Craving for red meat can mean that you may have an iron deficiency, which may later lead to conditions like anaemia.


4. Chocolate

If your cravings for chocolate are more than normal, it may be a sign of magnesium or vitamin B deficiency, which needs to be treated.


5. Fries

If you are craving for oily foods like fries, chips, etc, do not brush it off as a normal junk food craving, it could mean that you may have an omega-3 fatty acid deficiency!


6. Sweets

Craving for sweets all the time could mean that you may be at a risk of hyperglycaemia, or low blood sugar levels, etc, that may develop into diabetes if not treated.


7. Ice

Yes, some people do crave to munch on ice cubes, which could either mean that they are dehydrated or have an iron deficiency.

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Story first published: Saturday, July 23, 2016, 6:00 [IST]
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