8 Nourishing Foods To Feed Your Gut

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Eating healthy and following a balanced diet should be the first thing on your mind. From probiotics to fibre-rich foods, there is a list of foods that can have you feeling healthier and balanced when consumed on a regular basis.

According to experts, one should follow a balanced diet every day. This balanced diet should include proteins, nutrients and other elements that will help feed the organs in the body, keeping them happy.

For those who are obese in nature, you have to understand that protein foods are a must add to the diet and laying off the junk food is ideally the best thing to do to treat your tummy right.

Protein foods add more energy to the body; likewise, there are some foods that help boost the body's metabolism and, at the same time, aid in weight loss.

To know which foods are the healthiest for your gut or tummy, here are some of the best and most essential foods that you need to add to your daily consumption.

We are sure that these foods, which are mentioned on the list, will become your favourite, as you will get to see how healthy and fit you will seem to feel after a period of time.

So, take a look at these delicious and nourishing foods to feed your gut:



From the many green veggies, asparagus is the main vegetable that is beneficial for your health. The stem contains Inulin, which is an indigestible fibre that acts as a prebiotic, a type of nutrient that nourishes the friendly bacteria living in your GI tract.



One tablespoon of yoghurt every day can do wonders for your gut. Yoghurt is regarded as the healthiest food, since it has probiotic qualities that will help treat your tummy well.



This yellow fruit is the most healthiest fruit in the basket. Bananas are mild on the stomach and they are the main fruit that can be used to help ease diarrhoea and gastrointestinal issues. So, make sure you add one banana to your breakfast meal.



Though beans are considered to be gassy foods, they are surely a plus point for the gut. Beans are filled with the resistant starch that feeds good bacteria in the stomach, which is the reason why you should feast on the lentils.



The reason why experts suggest garlic is because it promotes the growth of healthy intestinal bacteria such as Lactobacilli, which is good for the GI Tract. Crush garlic in the food at least in one meal to benefit from this herbal medicine.



Not only is oats rich in fibre, which is good for digestion, it also contains beta-glucans, indigestible carbohydrates, etc, that feed the friendly bacteria in your GI tract. Consume this healthy food once in a day to see your metabolism level increase.


Green Veggies:

Green vegetables should be added to the diet, as they help in protecting the stomach from all the harmful diseases and germs. You can either drink green veggie juices, or boil them up to consume them half-cooked.


Brown Rice:

Since rice is a staple food in South India, it is best to switch from white rice to brown rice. The latter contains a good amount of fibre and nutrients that are enough to keep you feeling healthy and away from all sorts of health issues.

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Story first published: Thursday, February 11, 2016, 10:00 [IST]
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