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10 Ways To Make Pizza Healthy


What comes to your mind when you think of pizza? - sticky cheeesssseee, tons of vegetables, bread, spices etc.

So, who said this is an unhealthy meal to enjoy, when it is loaded with a whole lot of healthy ingredients?

Cheese is dairy which is rich in calcium: good for the bones and teeth, vegetables on the pizza is good for boosting the immunity and for good health; bread is rich in fibre and spices for weight loss!


Therefore, consuming pizza is actually healthy for one. However, if you choose to resent this yummy treat, then here are some of the ways to make pizza healthy.

The best way to make this delicious meal healthy is to change the crust from white to brown (wheat).

Like this, there are various other choices you can make to make pizza a healthy food. Here are some of the perfect ways to make pizza healthy, take a look:


Choose A Grain Crust

The next time you order pizza make sure you choose a healthier crust like whole grain, so that in each slice you are consuming fibre and protein.


Focus On The Crust

You need to focus on the crust of your pizza. Opt out of the filling crust and enjoy a thinner and better one.


A Healthier Sauce

To make your pizza healthy, try to make your own sauce at home. Use tomatoes as the main ingredient as it is a healthy veggie/fruit that contains Vitamin C.


Grilled Toppings

Grilled meat is better than meat which is boiled or fried. So, if you are opting for a non vegetarian pizza, make sure you top it with grilled chicken. It has more proteins too.


Topped Up With Veggies!

Load your pizza with tons of veggies so that you are consuming proteins and vitamins. Use fat burner veggies too to cut on calories.


Slim Cheese

Cheese is rich in calcium which is good for the bones and teeth. Use slim cheese instead of the high calorie one.


Don't Overload The Pizza

Add as many veggies as you want, but add only a thin layer of sauce, cheese and meat


Salad To The Rescue

Instead of ordering for french fries and garlic bread try a salad instead. It is one of the perfect ways to make your pizza healthy.


Blot The Fat Out!

Blotting your pizza slice with a paper towel cancels out nearly 50 high-fat calories.


Keep A Track!

Pay attention to how many slices you consume although it is loaded with tons of proteins and vitamins in the form of lean meat and veggies.

Story first published: Thursday, April 2, 2015, 17:03 [IST]