10 Veggies That Are Rich In Vitamins

By: Dipanditta Datta
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Vegetables are naturally the richest source of essential nutrients. On the basis of nutritional properties, vegetables are grouped into many categories such as high vitamin, high potassium or high in antioxidants. Vitamins play a very vital role in maintaining proper health of human body.

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Right from vitamin A to zinc, human body requires balanced vitamin content. And, deficiency of vitamins can cause many serious diseases for instance vitamin A deficiency causes night blindness, deficiency in vitamin C causes scurvy and low muscle strength can be caused due to vitamin E deficiency. To avoid occurrence of any disease caused due to vitamin deficiency, there are 10 vegetables that are high in vitamins which must be included in diet.

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One fact which holds equal importance is that having too much of any particular vegetable can be harmful as well. So, it’s always advisable to include the nutrition rich vegetables in a balanced way. Vegetables & fruits are great sources of essential nutrients but we should know the best sources & the correct quantity to be consumed. While knowing about 10 vegetables that are high in vitamins, you would also get to know some of the food sources highest in vitamin A, vitamin C and other nutrients.



Carrot is by far the best vegetable known for having vitamin A. In fact, it tops the list when it comes to top ten foods highest in vitamin A. Carrots can be eaten raw or cooked, known for improving vision, immunity etc


2. Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes are rich in vitamin A. It's an excellent vision and immunity booster especially when eaten with its skin. It has slight sweet taste and flavour. It is free from fat, cholesterol and its calorie count is low



Mushrooms are known as super foods as they are source to multiple nutrients. They are very high in proteins & vitamins and are one of the top 10 vegetables that are high in vitamins, especially vitamin D.


4. Green Leafy Vegetables

Make sure to add green leafy vegetables such as spinach, turnip greens, mustard leaves, fenugreek in your meal as they are very healthy and good vitamin A sources



Tomato is again a very popular vegetable, although botanically, it's a fruit. They are good sources of vitamin C and vitamin A along with many other nutrients.


6. Bell Peppers

Red bell peppers are always a delight to see on a plate. Red bell peppers are again very good source of vitamin A, vitamin C and lycopene. They are used in various preparations but can be consumed raw in salads also.


7.Green Peas

Green peas are great source of vitamin A, B, C and K and hence. fall under top 10 vegetables that are high in vitamins. They are low in calories and is a popular vegetable consumed globally.


8. Squash

Squash is a vegetable which might not be so popular but it's an excellent source of vitamin A. It is certainly on the top when it comes to the best ten foods highest in vitamin A.


9. Cucumber

A good source of vitamin C, cucumber is very healthy as it has no fat, cholesterol and sodium. Cucumbers are eaten raw in the form of salad


10. Corn

Corn is another good source of vitamin C and great in fiber content as well. They are mostly cooked and consumed but sometimes included raw in salads also.

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