Healthy Types Of Rice For You

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Rice is a staple dish for many cuisines and is included in almost all meals. In short, a meal is incomplete without a rice dish. But, we know many dieters who feel that rice is not healthy but fattening. According to Nutrition and Diet Consultant, Shilpa Mittal, "Rice is definitely healthy. It can be really healthy and nutritious when cooked with a right method. Add some vegetables, soybeans, paneer chunks, chicken pieces, pulses like rajma or any other ingredient of your choice to make rice healthy as well as filling."

Different types of rice like the very beneficial brown rice, red rice and black rice are packed with nutrients and vitamins like vitamin B, K, iron, potassium to name a few. Moreover, they are not fattening as they are rich in fiber. If prepared with the right cooking method, you can enjoy the health benefits of rice. Lets check out the healthy types of rice and ways to use them.

Healthy Types Of Rice For You

4 Types of healthy rice:

Wild rice: Also known as the Indian rice, this type of rice is very healthy. It is grown in North America which has a nutty taste and flavour. Wild rice has low glycemic index than white rice and has Omega-3 fatty acids and proteins too. It is also used as a natural remedy to control blood sugar levels.

Brown rice: This unpolished rice has a brown layer on it known as bran. It is rich in Thiamine (vitamin B), niacin, vitamin B6 and K, calcium, iron, phosphorus, potassium, carbohydrates and proteins which helps in controlling blood sugar and cholesterol. Being rich in fiber, it is easy to digest and beneficial for curing diarrhea, stomach or intestinal ulcers. Brown kilijira rice is another variety of brown rice that is available in markets.

Chinese black rice: Also known as 'Forbidden Rice' in China, black rice also has the bran cover which is removed to make white rice. It is rich in iron, fiber, antioxidants and anthorcyanin (a cancer fighting agent). Chinese black rice is a rich source of iron.

Bhutanese red rice: Commonly known as red rice, it is sweet in flavour. Red yeast is grown on white rice and then powdered. Red rice is nutritious as it contains monacolins which are known to limit cholesterol synthesis. It also lowers cholesterol, LDL levels and triglyceride levels. However, red rice has been used as a strong pharmaceutical drug for few reasons so pregnant or breastfeeding women should avoid having red rice.

These are the healthy types of rice and their benefits. Which is your favourite variety? 

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