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Are Vegetable Peels Safe to Eat?

Vegetable peels in our kitchen go straight to the waste basket. Potato peels, citrus peels and several other peels that are potentially good organic food are ruthlessly discarded due to the lack of our knowledge. If only it was possible to establish beyond any scope for double that vegetable peels are very much edible then this terrible wastage of resources would stop. That exactly what we are going to do in this article.

Are vegetable peels safe to eat is a frequently asked question on the web. The answer to it is a firm YES. Yes, vegetable peels are edible. Not only are they edible but also extremely nutritious. The fact that they can be made tasty with the right kind of cooking is an added bonus most of us don"t know at all. So the next time your kid wants to eat potato skin crispies on Chistmas, you don't have to say 'no'. Potato peels like many other vegetable peels are rich in nutrients.

As we all know, potatoes grow inside the soil because of that, their skin absorbs lots of nutrients from the earth.

  • You would be surprised to know that potato peels are a rich source of vitamin C and Vitamin B6.
  • It also contains vital minerals like Manganese, Copper and Potassium which are absolutely essential for the smooth functioning of your body.
  • Other than these nutrients, potato skin are a excellent sources of dietary fibers that improve bowel movement.
  • Are you are worried that the abundant calories in fried potato skins may make your child obese, not to worry at all. You can boil potato skin to remove the starch content from them and then cook them in pepper sauce.
  • Moreover, who said that potatoes have to be peeled all the time? You could bake potatoes with the skins intact and the will taste delicious! You can also make potato wedges with the skin unpeeled.

Citrus peels from lemons, oranges and other citrus substances are a great source of vitamin C.

  • Candied citrus peels are an absolute treat through they lose a part of their nutrition after being boil in sugar syrup.
  • You can also try drying the citrus skins after discarding the pith that causes the bitter taste. These dries peels can be pickled for for a long shelf life or used to garnish salad.
  • Due to their strong taste and stinging taste they make good garnishes for cakes as well.

Other vegetable skins like peels of ridge gourd, bitter gourd, snake gourd and ginger are also good for your health. So eat healthy and be fit.

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Story first published: Wednesday, July 27, 2011, 15:11 [IST]
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